1990 Vuelta a España

1990 Vuelta a España
Race details
Dates 24 April - 15 May
Stages 21 + Prologue
Distance 3,711 km (2,306 mi)
Winning time 94h 36' 40"
Winner  Marco Giovannetti (ITA) (Seur)
Second  Pedro Delgado (ESP) (Banesto)
Third  Anselmo Fuerte (ESP) (ONCE)

Points  Uwe Raab (GDR) (PDM)
Mountains  José Martín Farfán (COL) (Kelme-Ibexpress)
Youth  Uwe Ampler (GDR) (PDM)
Combination  Federico Echave (ESP) (CLAS-Cajastur)
Sprints  Miguel Ángel Iglesias (ESP) (Puertas Mavisa)

The 45th Vuelta a España (Tour of Spain), a long-distance bicycle stage race and one of the 3 grand tours, was held from April 24 to May 15, 1990. It consisted of 21 stages covering a total of 3,711 km (2,306 mi), and was won by Marco Giovannetti of the Seur cycling team.

Defending champion Pedro Delgado was the principal favourite for the win of the race. Delgado was joined by a strong Banesto team that included Miguel Induráin and Julian Gorospe. The other Spanish favourites included 1986 winner Álvaro Pino as well as Anselmo Fuerte and 1982 winner Marino Lejarreta. Of the potential foreign winners were the strong Colombians which included Fabio Parra and Lucho Herrera.

Pello Ruiz Cabestany won the prologue and took the first leader's jersey. The following day a breakaway got away and Viktor Klimov took the jersey. On the sixth stage a break won the day and took an advantage of over four minutes. Gorospe took the leader's jersey. However on the tenth stage, Gorospe had a bad day and lost the jersey to Marco Giovannetti who had been second on the general classification and had been in the break that gained the time on the favourites. Delgado tried to close the gap to Giovannetti over the remainder of the race but could not. Giovannetti won his first and only grand tour ahead of Delgado and Anselmo Fuerte.


Final General Classification

1 Italy Marco Giovannetti Seur 94h 36' 40s
2 Spain Pedro Delgado Banesto a 1' 28s
3 Spain Anselmo Fuerte ONCE a 1' 48s
4 Spain Pello Ruiz Cabestany ONCE a 2' 16s
5 Colombia Fabio Parra Kelme-Ibexpress a 3' 07s
6 Spain Federico Echave CLAS-Cajastur a 3' 52s
7 Spain Miguel Induráin Banesto a 6' 22s
8 Russia Ivan Ivanov Alfa Lum a 6' 48s
9 East Germany Uwe Ampler PDM-Concorde a 7' 15s
10 France Denis Roux Toshiba a 7' 56s
11 Colombia José Martín Farfán Kelme-Ibexpress
12 Colombia Luis Herrera Café de Colombia
13 Colombia Carlos Jaramillo Postóbon
14 Spain Ignacio Gaston Crespo Clas-Cajastur
15 Colombia José Francisco Rodríguez Pony Malta-Avianca
16 Switzerland Tony Rominger Chateaux d'Ax
17 Colombia Alvaro Mejia Postóbon
18 Spain Jesus Montoya Alarcon BH-Amaya
19 Colombia Álvaro Sierra Café de Colombia
20 Spain Jon Unzaga Bombin Seur
21 Spain Julian Gorospe Artabe Banesto
22 Colombia Luis Camargo Café de Colombia
23 Spain José Luis Laguia Lotus-Festina
24 Colombia Pablo Wilches Pony Malta-Avianca
25 Colombia Gerardo Moncada Postóbon

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