1972 Vuelta a España

1972 Vuelta a España
Race details
Dates 27 April – 14 May
Stages 17
Distance 3,079.3 km (1,913 mi)
Winning time 82h 34' 14"
Winner  José Manuel Fuente (ESP) (Kas-Kaskol)
Second  Miguel Maria Lasa (ESP) (Kas-Kaskol)
Third  Agustin Tamames (ESP) (Werner)

Points  Domingo Perurena (ESP) (Kas-Kaskol)
Mountains  José Manuel Fuente (ESP) (Kas-Kaskol)
Combination  José Manuel Fuente (ESP) (Kas-Kaskol)
Sprints  Ventura Díaz (ESP) (Werner)

The 27th Vuelta a España (Tour of Spain), a long-distance bicycle stage race and one of the 3 grand tours, was held from April 27 to May 14, 1972. It consisted of 17 stages covering a total of 3,079.3 km, and was won by José Manuel Fuente of the Kas-Kaskol cycling team.[1] Fuente also won the mountains classification while Domingo Perurena won the points classification.


Final General Classification

1 Spain José Manuel Fuente Kas-Kaskol 82h 34' 14s
2 Spain Miguel Maria Lasa Kas-Kaskol a 6' 34s
3 Spain Agustin Tamames Werner a 7' 00s
4 Spain Gonzalo Aja Barguin Karpy a 8' 07s
5 Spain José Antonio Gonzalez Kas-Kaskol a 8' 08s
6 Spain Domingo Perurena Tellechea Kas-Kaskol a 8' 23s
7 Spain Jesus Manzaneque Kas-Kaskol a 8' 27s
8 Spain José Pesarrodona Kas-Kaskol a 8' 38s
9 France Désiré Letort Bic a 8' 42s
10 France Bernard Labourdette Bic a 8' 54s
11 Spain Andres Oliva Sanchez La Casera-Pena Bahamontes
12 Spain Vicente López Carril Kas-Kaskol
13 Spain Eduardo Castilla Karpy
14 Spain Ventura Diaz Arrey Werner
15 Spain José Manuel Blanco Werner
16 Spain José Luis Uribezubia Werner
17 Spain Juan Zurano Jerez La Casera-Pena Bahamontes
18 Spain Francisco Galdos Gauna Kas-Kaskol
19 Spain Santiago Lazcano Labaca Kas-Kaskol
20 Spain Eufronio Enrique Santos La Casera-Pena Bahamontes
21 Spain Juan-Manuel Valls Karpy
22 Spain José-Luis Abilleira La Casera-Pena Bahamontes
23 Denmark Leif Mortensen Bic
24 Italy Silvano Schiavon GBC-Sony
25 Spain Antonio Menendez Karpy


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