Australian Karate Federation

Australian Karate Federation
Sport Karate
Jurisdiction National
Abbreviation (AKF)
Founded 1970 (1970)
Affiliation World Karate Federation (WKF)
Regional affiliation Oceanian Karate Federation
Headquarters Airport West, Victoria
Official website

Australian Karate Federation is the governing body for the sport of Karate in Australia.[1][2]

Brief history

Soon after the Australian Karate Federation was established in 1970, the National team represented Australia in the inaugural World Karate Championships staged in Japan the same year. The federation after a humble start achieved a substantial number of members and kept on growing with an impressive membership of 123 affiliated styles.[3][4]

The federation in its initial years was headed by Don Cameron MP as President. The federation in its early years thrived under the able and strong leadership of Don, who initiated the first two National Teams and also paving a way for further development of the sport in Australia. Following in his footsteps, his successor John Newman further worked hard to uplift the Federation and further strengthened its foundation. The Federation gained further impetus from subsequent Presidents like John Halpin(1993 – 2007), and Michael Kassis(2007). The federation grew on under them with more sophistication, professionalism and things like administrative coaching and refereeing were introduced.[3]

A member of the World Karate Federation (WKF), the Australian Karate Federation Inc. is affiliated with 170 countries all over the globe with access to both Junior/Cadet and Senior World Championships. Although relatively new, the federation also expects to be inducted into the Olympics. The federation also enjoys the Continental Union membership with ties with the Oceania Karate Federation, which currently has 10 countries as members. Regional development of the sports is the current goal of the Australian Karate Federation.[3]


The national body has eight state member associations.


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