Australian National Drag Racing Association

Australian National Drag Racing Association
Sport Drag Racing
Jurisdiction Australia
Founded 1973
Headquarters Adelaide
Other key staff

Chief Executive Officer - Grant Goodall Competition Manager - Brett Stevens

Technical Officer- Dicken Patterson

Summit Racing Equipment

Crow Cams

Hi-Tec Oils


Arthur J. Gakkagher
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The Australian National Drag Racing Association, or ANDRA for short, is the primary drag racing sanctioning body in Australia. The organisation was created in 1973 from a more drag racing oriented faction of the Australian Hot Rod Federation. Today the ANDRA sanctions races throughout Australia and throughout the year at all levels, from Top Fuel to Junior Dragster.

Today ANDRA sanctions races throughout Australia and throughout the year at all levels, from Top Fuel to Junior Dragster at regional temporary 1/8 mile tracks to International standard facilities in capital cities and everywhere in between.

ANDRA is also the lone major professional drag racing organisation to adopt both the 1,320 foot distance for Top Fuel and the three-round drag racing format. In the three-round format, each car makes one qualifying pass, is paired up with another car in one single race. The winners of each race are tabulated by their times, and the third and fourth fastest winners participate in the third-place race, and the two fastest winners participate in the championship race.

Current Season

ANDRA Champions

ANDRA Drag Racing Series Champions

ANDRA Drag Racing Series is made up of six group one classes which are all head ups pro tree drag racing.

Year Top Fuel[1] Top Alcohol[1](*First held 1991) Top Doorslammer

(*First held 1996)[2]

Top Fuel Motorcycle[3] Pro Stock[4] Pro Stock Motorcycle[5]
1975 Stan Pobjoy
1978 Larry Ormsby
1979 Larry Ormsby
1980 Jim Read
1981 Jim Read & John Maher
1982 Jim Read Rick Thornley Claus Maluszczak
1984 Larry Ormsby Steve Harker Greg Flaherty
1986 Jim Read Steve Kitchen Hans Van Dyk
1987 Peter Allen Dave Missingham
1988 Hans Van Dyk
1989 Adrian Kelly
1990 Adrian Kelly
1991 Romeo Capitanio Gary Phillips Peter Allen Chris Mills Phil Howard
1992 Jim Read Gary Phillips Bill Curry Hans Van Dyk Les Donnon
1993 Jim Read Steve Read Bill Curry Hans Van Dyk Jason Lee
1994 Jim Read Steve Reed Bill Curry Bruce Leake Les Donnon
1995 Graeme Cowin Gary Phillips Peter Allen Peter Ridgeway Les Donnon
1996 Jim Read Gary Phillips Victor Bray Gavin Spann Joe Polito Les Donnon
1997 Glenn Mikres Gary Phillips Victor Bray Bruce Barnett Joe Polito Les Donnon
1998 Glenn Mikres Gary Phillips Victor Bray Jeff Smith Rob Tucker Les Donnon
1999 Robin Kirby Gary Phillips Victor Bray Craig McPhee Craig Hasted Jason Lee
2000 Darren Di Filippo Gary Phillips Victor Bray Jeff Smith Peter Ridgeway Sam Scerri
2001 Steve Read Gary Phillips Victor Bray Ian Ashelford Peter Ridgeway Sam Scerri
2002 Steve Read Wayne Newby Peter Kapiris Ian Ashelford Peter Ridgeway Nevil Langley
2003 Jim Read Gary Phillips Ben Bray Ian Ashelford Jon Andriopoulo Sam Scerri
2004 John Cowin Gary Phillips Jay Upton Tony Wedlock Daniel Peatey
2005 Darren Morgan Gary Phillips Ben Bray David Rogan Michael Gilbertson
2006 Phil Read Ben Bray Steve Stanic Jay Upton David Rogan Daniel Peatey
2007 Phil Read Wayne Newby Gary Phillips Jay Upton Jon Andriopoulo Dion Prowse
2008 Phil Read John Zappia Troy McLean Aaron Tremayne Peter Cochrane
2009 Phil Lamattina Gary Phillips John Zappia Athol Williams Aaron Tremayne Michael Gilbertson
2010 Martin Stamatis Gary Phillips John Zappia Chris Matheson Aaron Tremayne Andrew Badcock
2011 Darren Morgan Wayne Newby John Zappia Chris Matheson Aaron Tremayne Maurice Allen
2012 Darren Morgan Gary Phillips John Zappia Chris Matheson Michael Ali Locky Ireland
2013 Darren Morgan Gary Phillips John Zappia Chris Porter Jason Grima Luke Crowley
2014 Phil Lamattina Steven Ham John Zappia Mark Drew Aaron Tremayne Luke Crowley
2015 Damien Harris Gary Phillips John Zappia Mark Drew Lee Bektash Maurice Allen
2016 NA John Cannuli[6] John Zappia[7] Chris Porter[8] Nino Cavallo Corey Buttigieg

Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series Champions

Year Competition[1] Super Stock[1] Competition Bike[1] Super Compact

(*First held 2009)[1]

Supercharged Outlaws

(*First held 2006)[1]

1991 Graeme Silk Donna Sizmur Paul Andrews
1992 Graeme Silk Donna Sizmur Lou Cotter
1993 Wayne Jones John Sammut John Parker
1994 Ray Walker Paul Andrews
1995 Charles Van Ysseldyk Peter Michael Ashley Taylor
1996 Ray Walker Colin Lloyd Mick Sargent
1997 Wayne Cartledge Steve Flynn Rhett Lougheed
1998 Geoff Chaisty
1999 Geoff Chaisty
2000 Rod Rainford Les Heintz Perry Mackie
2001 Mick Utting Ian Brown Perry Mackie
2002 Anthony Selva Ian Brown Rhett Lougheed
2003 Anthony Selva Graeme Simms John Parker
2004 Shane Baxter Colin Lloyd John Parker
2005 Craig Geddes Colin Lloyd Ross Lemberg
2006 Shane Baxter Bruno Cavallo John Parker Charlie Micali
2007 Justin Walshe Ross Sacre Ross Lemberg Daniel Reed
2008 Phillip Otto Nino Cavallo Dave Rundmann John Ward
2009 Phillip Otto Nino Cavallo Kevin Gummow Damien McKern Christine Steffens
2010 Graeme Frawley Nino Cavallo[9] Shayne Homes Damien McKern Christine Steffens
2011 John McSweeney John Ioannidis Kevin Gummow Rod Harvey Matt Watts
2012 Wayne Keys Jason Simpson Kevin Gummow Robert Novak Matt Watts
2013 Greg Clayton Darren Parker Corey Buttigieg Rod Harvey Luke Marsden
2014 Alistair McClure Jake Chaisty[10] Ross Smith Domenic Rigoli Doina Day
2015 Alistair McClure Steven Norman Ross Smith Domenic Rigoli Donald Freind
2016 Craig Geddes Kim Fardella[11] Paulo Pires[12] Matt Lisle[13] Adam Murrihy
Year Top Sportsman

(*First held 2015)[1]

Modified[1] Super Sedan[1] Modified Bike[1] Super Street[1] Junior Dragster[1] Super Gas[1]
1991 Bob Millet John Clark Paul Nieuwhof Randall Pfuh Stephen Crook
1992 Mick Utting John Koukides Alan Bliesner Gary Paciocco Colin Lloyd
1993 Mark Mitchell Graeme Cooper Gavin Carlini Margaret Hartill-Law Colin Lloyd
1994 Greg Leahy Terry Agland Lino Ruggieri Juan Kudnig Colin Lloyd
1995 Jon Sting Graeme Cooper Trevor Sage Juan Kudnig Craig Geddes
1996 Mark Mitchell Jason Grima Sean Arthur Juan Kudnig Des Wollstencroft
1997 Graeme Frawley Jason Grima Phil Parker Gavin Hamilton Des Wollstencroft
1998 Juan Kudnig Kelly Bettes
1999 Juan Kudnig
2000 Scott Fitzpatrick Mark Lee Andrew Le Dilly Paul Doeblien Mark Allan Dale O'Dwyer
2001 Rodney Moore Shane Wynd Andrew Le Dilly Mick Yfantidis Shane Tucker Lee Bektash
2002 David Ferricks David Grima Darrell Boekholt Juan Kudnig Joshua Fletcher Dale O'Dwyer
2003 Phillip Otto David Grima Robert Shaw Kevin Stipkovich Robert Adams Warren Smith
2004 Matt Treasure David Grima Marty Searle Robert Adams Neil Maxwell
2005 Graeme Frawley Neale Constantinou Robert Stevenson Matt Treloar J Price Dave Newcombe
2006 Graeme Frawley Greg Fowler Alex Borg Darren Kellaway Nicholas Wroe Graeme Spencer
2007 Graeme Frawley Shane Wynd Adam Ewing Wayne Batson J Paine Joe Catanzariti
2008 Mark Eadie Greg Fowler Adam Ewing Tony Wallace Loughlin Boyde Joe Catanzariti
2009 Mark Eadie Greg Fowler Jason Hammelswang Paul Dilley Blaze Hansen Darryl Stephen
2010 Kelly Corbett Paul Partridge A Roberts Terri Sander Caleb Oberg Dale O'Dwyer
2011 Tony Littlewood Steven Folwer Ryan Denis Rob Harrington Jake Donnelly Joe Catanzariti
2012 Kenny Stewart Steven Folwer Daniel Sekli Rob Harrington Jake Donnelly Simon Isherwood
2013 Craig Baker John Kapiris Gavin Dohnt Carl Taylor Brayden Naylor Matt Forbes
2014 Shane Wynd John Kapiris David Carroll Joe Jurkovic Toby Austin Matt Forbes
2015 Steven Fowler Michelle Osborn John Kapiris Ian Read Enzo Clemente Eden Ward Graeme Spencer
2016 Jason Stares[14] Matt Forbes John Kapiris Bryan Finn Kylie Tanner Michael Naylor[15] Darryl Stephen

John Storm Memorial Trophy

In memory of the first National Director of ANDRA John Storm, is an annual national award to sportsman competitor who scores the highest overall points from all rounds of the Summit sportsman series.

Year John Storm Memorial Trophy[1]
1975 Harrold/Hawthorne
1976 John Kreis
1977 Col Dunn
1978 Brenton Stein
1979 Jim Reed
1980 Graham Hill
1981 Fred Dudek
1982 David Baines
1983 David Baines
1984 David Millington
1986 Peter Michael
1987 Errol Quartermaine
1991 Paul Andrews
1993 Colin Lloyd
1994 Juan Kudnig
1995 Juan Kudnig
1996 Juan Kudnig
1997 Rhett Lougheed
1998 John Parker
1999 Juan Kudnig
2000 Perry Mackie
2001 Tom Dimitropolous
2002 Ian Brown
2003 Graeme Simms
2004 John Parker
2005 Colin Lloyd
2006 Bruno Cavallo
2007 Bruno Cavallo
2008 Phillip Otto
2009 Jason Hammelswang
2010 Kelly Corbet
2011 Nino Cavallo
2012 Jake Donnelly
2013 Luke Marsden
2014 Craig Geddes
2015 Toby Austin
2106 Matt Forbes

ANDRA Hall of Fame

Dennis Syrmis[16]

Graeme Cowin

Mick Atholwood

Paul Rogers Snr

George Bailey

Gary Miocevich[17]

Jim Reed

Joe ‘Buzzard’ Gatt[18]

John Taverna

ANDRA National Records[19]

Class Record Name Vehicle Track Date
Top Fuel 4.503 Larry Dixon, Rapisarda Racing[20] Dragster / BAE 498 Willowbank 03/12
332.84 MPH Scott Kalitta, Rapisarda Racing Dragster / TFX 498 Sydney Dragway 12/06
Funny Car 4.863 Gary Densham Monte Carlo/BAE 500 Willowbank 01/09
311.41 MPH Damien Harris & Pual Shackleton Monte Carlo/TFX 500 Perth Motorplex 12/09
Top Alcohol Dragster 5.504 Jamie Noonan Dragster / NRE 477 Willowbank 06/15
261.32 MPH Jamie Noonan Dragster / NRE 477 Willowbank 06/15
Top Alcohol Funny Car 5.410 Craig Glassby Monte Carlo / BAE 511 Perth Motorplex 01/15
267.85 MPH Gary Phillips Monte Carlo / BAE 511 Perth Motorplex 01/15
Top Alcohol Altered 5.789 Mark Sheehan Altered / KB 511 Perth Motorplex 11/07
244.56 MPH Mark Sheehan Altered / KB 511 Perth Motorplex 02/04
Top Doorslammer 5.693 John Zappia HQ Monaro / Hemi 502 Willowbank 06/15
258.42 MPH Peter Kapiris Dodge Saratoga / Hemi 521 Sydney Dragway 05/13
Pro Stock 6.877 Lee Bektash Dodge Avenger / Hemi 400 Sydney Dragway 11/14
200.14 MPH Lee Bektash Dodge Avenger / Hemi 400 Sydney Dragway 11/14
Top Fuel Motorcycle


6.058 Chris Matheson RB 1500 Willowbank 06/10
238.51 MPH Athol Williams RBP Special 1550 Sydney Dragway 05/09
Top Fuel Motorcycle


6.341 Mark Drew Harley V Twin 191 Perth Motorplex 03/15
230.76 MPH Mark Drew Harley V Twin 191 Perth Motorplex 03/15
Pro Stock Motorcycle 7.094 D & K Peatey Suzuki 1655 Sydney Dragway 09/06
189.55 R. Lougheed Suzuki 1755 Willowbank 06/13

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