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British Tamils (Tamil: பிரித்தானியத் தமிழர்) are British people of Tamil origin. Migration of significant numbers of Tamils to the United Kingdom (UK) started with labour migrants in the 1940s. These were joined by students moving to the UK for education in the 1970s, and by refugees fleeing the Sri Lankan Civil War in the 1980s and 1990s.[1]

"Tamil" is not one of the predefined tick-box answers for the ethnicity question on the UK Census. The tick-box options under the "Asian" category include "Indian", "Pakistani" and "Bangladeshi", but respondents can also tick an "Any other Asian" box and write in their own answer.[2] In the 2011 Census, the number of respondents writing in "Tamil" was 24,930 in England, 128 in Wales,[3] 99 in Scotland[4] and 11 in Northern Ireland.[5] The number of people in England and Wales that speak Tamil as their main language was recorded as 100,689.[6]

In 2008, community estimates suggested that 150,000 Tamils lived in the UK,[1][7] with a 2006 Human Rights Watch report putting the number of Sri Lankan Tamils in the UK at 110,000.[8] A 2009 article in the FT Magazine put the figure at up to 200,000.[9] The majority live in London though. [3][10]

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