Tamils in Italy

Tamils in Italy
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Tamils in Italy are people of ethnic Tamil ancestry who reside in Italy. Around 25,000[1] [2] Tamils from both Sri Lanka and India are estimated to be living in Italy.


Though it is not established as of when, the migration of the Tamil people to Italy started but most of the arrivals is presumed to haven place during the Sri Lankan Civil War. It is estimated that Sri Lankan Tamils constitute at least a third of the Sri Lankan immigrants in Italy.[3] Tamils were reported to have migrated to Milan during the 1980s a decade before the Civil War commencing. [3]

The Tamil Diaspora is concentrated in various parts of the country predominantly in Palermo, Catania, Milan, Reggio Emilia, Naples, Bologna and Lecce where a number of cultural and linguistic organizations are based in. [3]


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