Carta Abierta

Espacio Carta Abierta or Carta Abierta (English: Open Letter Spot) is a group of Argentine intellectuals who formed in March 2008 in defense of the Cristina Fernández de Kirchner government, which was facing a conflict with the agricultural sector.

Members of Espacio Carta Abierta made their first public appearance on 13 May of the same year in the Gandhi library,[1] in Buenos Aires, present were Horacio Verbitsky, Nicolás Casullo, Ricardo Forster and Jaime Sorín. This was where they presented their first open letter, which was signed by more than 750 intellectuals and artists.

Some of the Members are:

They self-define as nonpartisan, though they have been criticized for this assertion.[2]


They are accused to be an organic group that adheres politically to Cristina Fernández party, attack that relies on the fact that the group includes some State officials.

Grupo Aurora

A group of intellectuals called "Grupo Aurora" appeared in July of the next year. It was strongly critic of the government, and therefore they were an opposition organism of Carta Abierta.[3]



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