Schoklender scandal

The Schoklender Scandal refers to the claims under which Sergio Schoklender and other people were involved in the alleged Embezzlement of funds provided by the State to be allocated to social housing project of " Mission: Shared Dreams ", organized by the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo[1] and created by Sergio Schoklender.[2]

People involved


On May 8, 2011 Sergio Schoklender dissociated himself from the Foundation Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. His version was that he resigned because the work was not compatible with their personal projects while other sources reported that Hebe de Bonafini fired him for reasons relating to fund management. These facts were made public on May 25 and began an investigation to determine the alleged diversion of public funds given to the Foundation Mothers of Plaza de Mayo for the construction of social housing in the context of the Mission Shared Dreams.[8]

With no official information, on the funds that the government gives to the Mothers of plaza de mayo. Only for housing schemes the unofficial calculations estimate that the total amount transferred varies between 150 and 300 million since 2006. Schoklender denied that the mothers have received $ 300 million. But he gave no details of how much he received. Bonafini Foundation also has a national university, a radio and print.

Sergio Schoklender's Heritage

The investigation seeks to determine the heritage of Schoklender. According to news reports he has two planes and a yacht under the Meldorek's company name, a home in Pilar and 12 property lots in Jose Carlos Paz neighbourhood, There are buildings on the streets Alvarez Thomas and Guevara of the Capital Federal and a network of companies in which it is not clear yet what's their participation.

In her first public appearance in the traditional round of discussion in the Pyramid of the Plaza de Mayo that every Thursday takes place the Mothers leader, Hebe de Bonafini said the allegations were "bullshit".[9]

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