Emar Matha

Emar Matha or Embar Mutt is located in the south-eastern corner of Jagannath Temple, Puri outside the main Prakara near Kalikadevi Sahi.


Ramanujacharya while coming to Puri established this Mutt. It is said that Govindacharya (Govinda Jeeyar) was the first pontif of this matha. Govindacharya was given the name Emperumannar, which means my lord in Tamil. Some of the disciples argued that if they call Govindacharya "my lord" then it may insult their Guru and Narayana, so Ramanuja changed his name to Embar. It is noteworthy that Govindacharya was a cousin brother of Srimad Ramanuja, and he saved Ramanuja from Yadavaprakasha's conspiracy. The matha houses images of Krishna and Radha along with Rama parivaar.


The doorjambs of Emar mutt are noteworthy to see. It has all features of Kalingan architecture. The mutt was renovated during Maratha ruling on Orissa. The followers of this mutt belong to Thengalai sect of Srivaishnava sampradaya.

Approximately 18 tonnes of ancient silver treasure has been recovered from the mutt.[1]

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