FemiSapien is a female humanoid robot that WowWee announced at CES in January 2008.[1] It can respond to sight, sound, and touch and can be programmed with a sequence of movements.[1] At CES 2008 an estimated release date of late summer and $99 MSRP were given,[2] and was being sold for $89.99 in 2009.


  1. Learning Mode: can be programmed with a sequence of movements.
  2. Responsive Mode: make her responds to walking commands, and also you can interact with her as she reacts to your sounds, or watch her perform comedy scenes with you or another robot.
  3. Attentive Mode: you can activate actions such as autonomous wandering, blowing kisses, poses, holding hands, dancing, belching, and she will even engage you in "conversation"!




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