The TOPIO Dio is a robot designed to serve in a restaurant or coffee shop, or as a cocktail bartender. TOPIO Dio has a 3-wheel moving platform, 28 degrees of freedom and is operated remotely with a built-in camera and an obstacle detector. it is 125 cm high and weighs 45 kg.

Development history

Time Place Event Notes
November, 2008 TOSY Robotics JSC TOPIO Dio project get started
June, 2010 AUTOMATICA 2010, Germany Introduce the 1st version of TOPIO Dio 28 degrees of freedom, 3 wheels platform


Specifications TOPIO Dio
Height 125 cm
Weight 45 kg
Power Supply battery, 48V 20AH
Actuator Servo motor
Communication methods Speaker, Microphone
Camera 2
Degrees of freedom 28


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