Muroto (train)


Kiha 185 series train on Muroto service
Service type Limited express
First service 1962 (Semi express)
1966 (Express)
1999 (Limited express)
Current operator(s) JR Shikoku
Line used Mugi Line, Kōtoku Line, Tokushima Line, Dosan Line
Rolling stock KiHa 185 series DMUs
Operating speed 110 km/h (70 mph) (max.)

The Muroto (むろと) is a limited express train service in Japan operated by JR Shikoku which runs from Tokushima and Kaifu, Mugi stations to Mugi and Awa-Ikeda stations.

The Muroto service was introduced on 13 March 1999.


The main stations served by this service are as follows.

Awa-Ikeda - Tokushima - Mugi - Kaifu

Rolling stock


Muroto services began as a semi express from the former Takamatsu to Mugi in Shikoku from 18 July 1962. From 5 March 1966, however, the name was used for express trains operating. From 13 March 1999, however, the name was used for limited express trains operating between Tokushima and Kaifu.


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