National Anthem of Saudi Arabia

National Anthem of Saudi Arabia
النشيد الوطني
English: The National Anthem
an-Našīd al-Waṭaniyy

National anthem of  Saudi Arabia

Lyrics Ibrahim Khafaji, 1984
Music Abdul Rahman Al-Khateeb, 1947
Adopted 1950, 1984

Music sample
as-Salām al-Malakiyy (Instrumental)

The National Anthem of The Kingdom Saudi Arabia (Arabic: النشيد الوطني السعودي) was first officially adopted in 1950 with no lyrics and then again in 1984 with lyrics. The original composition was by Abdul-Rahman al-Khateeb (عبد الرحمن الخطيب) in 1947 and the brass instrumental version was later arranged by Seraj Omar (سراج عمر). The lyrics were written by Ibrahim Khafaji (إبراهيم خفاجي).

It is referred to simply as The National Anthem (النشيد الوطني an-Našīd al-Waṭaniyy), although it is commonly known by its incipit, Sārʿī (سارعي, "Hasten"), from Sārʿī lil-maǧdi wal-ʿalyāʾ (سارعي للمجد والعلياء, "Hasten to glory and supremacy!"). The lyrics call upon the country to hasten to greatness and raise the flag, glorify God, and asks Him to grant the King of Saudi Arabia long life.

The instrumental version is called the Royal Salute (السلام الملكي as-Salām al-Malakiyy) which is also the name of the ceremony in which it is played to salute senior members of the royal family as well as diplomatic figures.


Arabic Transliteration English translation

للمجد والعلياء
مجدي لخالق السماء
وارفعي الخفاق الأخضر
يحمل النور المسطر
رددي الله أكبر
يا موطني
قد عشت فخر المسلمين
عاش الملك

Li-l-majdi wa-l-ʿalyāʾ,
Majidī li-xāliqi s-samāʾ!
Wa-rfaʿī l-xaffāqa ʾaxᵭar
Yaħmilu n-nūra l-musaᵵᵵar
Raddidī: Allāhu ʾakbar,
Yā mawᵵanī!
Qad ʿišta faxra l-muslimīn
ʿĀš a-l-malik
To glory and supremacy,
Glorify the Creator of the heavens!
And raise the green flag
Carrying the written light reflecting guidance,
Repeat: Allahu Akbar! [1]
O my country!
My country,
Live as the pride of Muslims!
Long live the King
For the flag
And the homeland!


  1. "Allahu Akbar" means "God is the Greatest" in Arabic, but is expressed the same way by every Muslim in the world, regardless of their language.

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