Soulfly (album)

Studio album by Soulfly
Released April 21, 1998
Recorded Indigo Ranch Studios, Malibu, California
Genre Nu metal[1]
Length 68:03
Label Roadrunner
Producer Ross Robinson, Richard Kaplan[2]
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Singles from Soulfly
  1. "Eye for an Eye"
    Released: February 23, 1998
  2. "Umbabarauma"
    Released: May 5, 1998
  3. "Bleed"
    Released: December 23, 1998
  4. "Tribe"
    Released: January 21, 1999
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Soulfly is the self-titled debut album by the metal band Soulfly, released on April 21, 1998 through Roadrunner Records. The record was released in memory of frontman Max Cavalera's murdered stepson and the first album featuring Cavalera since leaving Sepultura two years prior. Both CDs have the message In Loving Memory Dana printed across them. The album has been certified gold by the RIAA.

Album information

The record features many guests, including members of Fear Factory, Limp Bizkit, Cypress Hill, Deftones, and Dub War.

"The Song Remains Insane" is pieced together by two other songs, opening with a cover of "Caos" by Ratos de Porão and secondly a brief reckless hardcore rendition of "Attitude" by Sepultura. "Umbabarauma" is a cover of a 1976 song by Brazilian musician Jorge Ben Jor,[5] which originally featured on his album África Brasil.

The breakdown riff in "Tribe" originated during Max's time still in Sepultura - most likely created during on-the-road demo jams during the Roots tour though evidently never recorded in any complete demo form. As such, the riff was also used by Sepultura members Andreas Kisser and Igor Cavalera as the main riff to 'Walkman' during their scoring of the movie No Coracao Dos Deuses, recorded the same year as Soulfly's 'Tribe'.

In 2008, speaking to Kerrang!, Max Cavalera remembered:

It was so hard to start over, having been in Sepultura for so long. In fact, it was harder getting Soulfly going than it was getting Sepultura started. Coming into a whole new situation underneath the shadow of Roots was a huge challenge for me, and most people thought I was nuts. Plus, we made a conscious effort not to sound like Sepultura. My choice of musicians took me away from straight metal and into a vibe that embraced a lot more, while still being heavy. Part of the magic was working with some of my all-time favourite Brazilian musicians and that really pushed me to write some great and some very different sounding music. Eye For an Eye is still my favourite, man, and I also like Tribe. That's like an anthem for all metalheads.[6]

Track listing

All lyrics written by Max Cavalera except where stated; all music composed by Max Cavalera except where stated.

No. TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. "Eye for an Eye" (feat. Dino Cazares and Burton C. Bell)   3:35
2. "No Hope = No Fear"     4:36
3. "Bleed" (feat. Fred Durst and DJ Lethal)Max Cavalera, Fred Durst  4:07
4. "Tribe"     6:03
5. "Bumba" (feat. Los Hooligans)   3:59
6. "First Commandment" (feat. Chino Moreno)   4:29
7. "Bumbklaatt"     3:52
8. "Soulfly"     4:49
9. "Umbabarauma" (Jorge Ben Jor cover; feat. Los Hooligans)Jorge BenJorge Ben 4:11
10. "Quilombo" (feat. Benji Webbe and DJ Lethal)   3:44
11. "Fire"     4:21
12. "The Song Remains Insane"  Max Cavalera, D-Low, João GordoMax Cavalera, Gordo, Jaba, Jao 3:40
13. "No" (feat. Christian Olde Wolbers)   4:00
14. "Prejudice" (feat. Benji Webbe)Max Cavalera, Benji Webbe  6:53
15. "Karmageddon" (containing hidden track "Sultao Das Matas")   5:44
Total length:


Additional musicians
  • Dino Cazares - guitar on "Eye For An Eye"
  • Burton C. Bell - backing vocals on "Eye For An Eye"
  • DJ Lethal - turntables on "Bleed" & "Quilombo"
  • Fred Durst - vocals on "Bleed"
  • Gilmar Bolla Oito - tambora on "Eye For An Eye", "Tribe", "Bumba", "Bumbklaatt", "Umbabarauma", "Quilombo" & "Prejudice", percussion on "Soulfly", backing vocals on "Bumba" & "Umbabarauma", triangle on "Fire"
  • Jorge Du Peixe - tambora on "Eye For An Eye", "Tribe", "Bumba", "Bumbklaatt", "Umbabarauma", "Quilombo" & "Prejudice", percussion on "Soulfly", backing vocals on "Bumba" & "Umbabarauma", chocalho on "Fire"
  • Benji Webbe - vocals on "Quilombo" & "Prejudice", chains on "Prejudice", backing vocals on "Bumba"
  • Chuck Johnson - backing vocals on "Bumba" & "Umbabarauma", percussion on "Soulfly" & "Karmageddon"
  • Eric Bobo - backing vocals on "Bumba" & "Umbabarauma", percussion on "Umbabarauma"
  • Los Hooligans - lead and backing vocals on "Bumba", backing vocals on "Umbabarauma"
  • Mario Caldato Jr. - backing vocals on "Bumba" & "Umbabarauma"
  • Paul Booth - backing vocals on "Bumba" & "Umbabarauma"
  • Rob Agnello - backing vocals on "Bumba"
  • Ross Robinson - backing vocals on "Bumba" & "Umbabarauma", percussion on "Soulfly"
  • Chino Moreno - vocals on "First Commandment"
  • Zyon Cavalera - "You Think You All Good" voice on "Bumbklaatt"
  • Christian Olde Wolbers - double bass on "No"
  • Chris Flam - additional programming on "Tribe (Fuck Shit Up Mix)"
  • Logan Mader – guitar on live tracks
  • Ritchie Cavalera - vocals on "Bleed (Live)"
  • Dayjah - vocals on "Soulfly (Eternal Spirit Mix)"

  • Ross Robinsonproduction, mixing on "Soulfly", "Quilombo", "Cangaceiro", "Ain't No Feeble Bastard" & "The Possibility Of Life's Destruction"
  • Mario Caldato Jr. – co-production on "Bumba" & "Umbabarauma"
  • Andy Wallace – mixing
  • George Marino - mastering
  • Richard Kaplan - engineering, additional production
  • Chuck Johnson - engineering
  • Rob Agnello - engineering
  • Steve Sisco - Assistant mixing
  • Monte ConnerA&R, compiling 1999 reissue Bonus CD
  • Anders Dohn - production on live tracks except "Eye For An Eye (Live At Indigo Ranch)"
  • Jacob Langkilde – engineering on live tracks except "Eye For An Eye (Live At Indigo Ranch)"
  • Jan Sneum – executive production on live tracks except "Eye For An Eye (Live At Indigo Ranch)"
  • Soulfly - production on "Eye For An Eye (Live At Indigo Ranch)"
  • Roy Moyorga - remixing & additional production on "Tribe (Fuck Shit Up Mix)", mixing on "Eye For An Eye (Live At Indigo Ranch)"
  • Chris Flam - engineering on "Tribe (Fuck Shit Up Mix)"
  • The Rootsman - remixing & additional production on "Quilombo (Extreme Ragga Dub Mix)", "Quilombo (Zumbi Dub Mix)" & "Soulfly (Eternal Spirit Mix)"
  • Junkie XL - remixing & additional production on "Umbabarauma (World Cup Mix)"
  • Josh Abraham - remixing & additional production on "Tribe (Tribal Terrorism Mix)"
  • Brian Virtue - mixing on "Tribe (Tribal Terrorism Mix)"
  • Jason Corsaro - remixing & additional production on "Umbabarauma (Brasil '70 Mix)"
  • Ted Jenson - mastering 1999 reissue Bonus CD
  • Jo Kirchherr – Cover Photo
  • Glen LaFerman & Christy Priske – Photography
  • Mike Roper & Paul Stottler – Label Design
  • Pawn Shop Press – Art Direction, Design


Chart (1998) Peak
US Billboard 200[7] 79


Country Certification Sales
United States Gold[8] 500,000+



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