In Hindu mythology, Surapadman is a demon of Viramahendra Puri who was almost slain by Lord Muruga (but, asking for pardon prior to dying, was given the honour of becoming Lord Muruga's vahana, the peacock).

Surapadman was the son of Maya, an apsaras and a rishi. The couple had 3 sons and 2 daughters, and then the rishi went to meditate again for centuries. Hence, the siblings grew up in the demonic Asura Culture. Surapdaman's mother was a creation of Lord Shiva and hence he did a very long penance to shiva. As a result he was granted a boon that no one except shiva's offspring, born without shiva's union with a female, in any nature, could either kill or deafeat him. This boon resulted in a highly negative effect, as surapadman took it to his head, and he conquered the mortal world, either by direct war, or by subjugation as inferior rulers. He established a capital of empire at Veera mahendrapuram, 2 miles into the sea, and gave parts of his vast empire to his brothers. At the same time his sister's arm was amputated by a gaurd of the heaven's queen, as the sister was trying to get the queen for Surapadman as a concubine. This angered surapadman, who Then he conquered the heaven, and took all devas as prisoners and tortured them.

Shiva had meanwhile created a Son, Lord Muruga, from his forehead flames. The boy was extremely handsome and well talented with War and all other aspects. He started to march towards Veera mahendrapuram, with the mortal army of Veerabagu brothers. First KingTaraka, younger brother of surapadman, ruling the entrance empire and an asura is killed by Muruga; But surapadman would not budge and he would not surrender, Muruga had to kill most of his soldiers and defeat the middle brother Simhamukha (whom he graced to become His lion vahana). As Surapadman still refused to surrender, the final battle arose and Surapadman was defeated. He had lost his weapons, Vehicle and almost all of his army. But the gracious muruga spares him and tell the best phrase "INDRU POI NAALAI VAA" (leave today .Return tomorrow). In the end, Muruga mortally wounded him with his Vel—and Surapadman asked his glory be spared. Muruga granted this, on the provision that Surapadman would forever be his vahana—whereupon Surapadman assumed the form of a peacock.

The killing of Surapadman is celebrated in all Murugan temples as Surasamharam. And Tiruchendur is the place where the asura Surapadman was killed by lord Muruga.[1]

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