VariCam is a brand name associated with the specialized Panasonic video cameras that are mostly used to imitate the look and feel of motion picture cameras. They have been used for many feature films. VariCams' main feature is that the framerate can be changed to anywhere between 1 frame per second to 60 frames per second, offering flexibility in creating rapid or slow motion effects. Film has traditionally been shot at 24 frames per second, while NTSC video uses 29.97 frames per second, therefore VariCams can be used for high end video production and film production. Although the cameras are not cheap, their low cost in use has made them popular among independent filmmakers, and they are often available to rent from professional film camera rental companies. The VariCam range has now matured into its latest generation, and is widely used in TV production, as well as film.[1]


VariCam has recently launched two new VariCams, the AJ-HPX2700 and the AJ-HPX3700.[2] These new models feature Panasonic's P2 solid state media technology, representing a major advance for the VariCam line. The AJ-HPX3700 is the flagship model providing full potential 1080p capability and dual link HD-SDI output.

NASA First-Ever HD Footage Of SRB Recovery Ship Mission, the footage was captured with a Panasonic HPX 3700 high-definition, cinema-style camera with 1080 progressive scanning at 24 frames per second.[3]


Panasonic has exhibited a mock-up of a camera having cinema camera appearance, previously said to be a potential 4K camera, which was due to be available in 2010 according to some Panasonic staff.

On February 27, 2014, Panasonic announced the "Varicam 35," a camera that features a 4K CMOS sensor capable of filming up to 120fps.[4] Also announced is the "Varicam HS," a 3CMOS 2/3" camera capable of filming up to 240fps in Full HD.[5]

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CineAlta, a Sony brand which has the same goals as Varicam: providing tools to give a "pellicle movie" look to video productions.


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