Technics (brand)

Native name
Industry Electronics
Founded 1965 (brand revived in 2014 by Panasonic)
Headquarters Kadoma, Osaka, Japan
Key people
Fumio Ohtsubo, president
Products DJ sets, headphones, synthesizers, turntables
Parent Panasonic Corporation

Technics (テクニクス Tekunikusu) is a brand name of the Panasonic Corporation, a company that produces a variety of electronic products.


Under the brand name Technics, the company produced a variety of hi-fi products, such as turntables, amplifiers, receivers, tape decks, CD players and speakers for sale in various countries. It was conceived for a line of high-end audio equipment to compete against brands such as Nakamichi. From 2002 onwards, products have been rebranded Panasonic except in Japan and the former Soviet Union, where the brand remains in high regard. In Europe and the USA, the brand continues to be applied to DJ equipment, electronic pianos and micro Hi-Fi systems.


Technics was introduced as a brand name for premium loudspeakers marketed domestically by Matsushita in 1965. The name came to wider prominence with the international sales of direct-drive turntables. In 1969, Technics launched the SP-10, the first direct-drive model for the professional market, followed in 1971 by the SL-1100 for the consumer market. The SL-1100 was used by the influential DJ Kool Herc for the first sound system he set up after emigrating from Jamaica to New York City.[1] This latter model was the predecessor to the SL-1200 which, as the upgraded SL-1200 MK2, became a widely used turntable by DJs. A robust machine, the SL-1200 MK2 incorporated a pitch control mechanism (or vari-speed), and maintained a relatively constant speed with low variability, which proved popular with DJs.

The SL-1200 model, often considered the industry standard turntable, continued to evolve with the M3D series, followed by the MK5 series in 2003.

Despite being originally created to market their high-end equipment, by the early 1980s Technics was offering an entire range of equipment from entry-level to high-end.

In 1972, Technics introduced the first autoreverse system in a cassette deck in its Technics RS-277US and in 1973 it introduced the first three-head recording technique in a cassette deck (Technics RS-279US).

In 1976, Technics introduced two belt-driven turntables for the mass market, the SL-20 and SL-23. The principal difference between the two models was the addition, in the SL-23, of semi-automatic operation and an adjustable speed control with built-in strobe light. They offered technical specifications and features rivalling much more expensive turntables, including well-engineered s-shaped tonearms with tracking weight and anti-skate adjustments. At the time they were introduced the SL-20 and SL-23, which sold for $100.00 and $140.00, respectively, set a new performance standard for inexpensive turntables.[2]

Notable products

Technics audio products
SU-C01 Stereo Preamplifier (1979) 
Typical receiver c. 1980, SA-202 
SU-Z980 120W Stereo Amplifier and ST-Z980 AM/FM Tuner (mid 1980s) 

early 1960s

late 1960s - early 1970s

mid 1970s

late 1970s

early 1980s

mid 1980s


The two subwoofers listed below (SST-25/35HZ) along with the SST-1 Loudspeakers, weren't intended for home use but are quite at home there as long as have room for them. Use in a small room can result in drywall damage and a fish tank should not be in the same room. They were actually intended for large venue such as theater, ballroom or outdoor use. Both were passive sub-woofers that came with a separate amplifier. SST-25HZ Super Bass Exciter(Sub-Woofer). Top of the line Technics sub, cost when new is unknown. SST-35HZ Super Bass Exciter(Sub-woofer). Cost was $2500 in 1991 USD. SST-1 Loudspeaker. Cost was $2000 in 1991 USD. These were meant to be mated with the SST-25HZ or 35HZ sub-woofers.

Technics musical instruments
National SX-601 Electronic Organ (1963) 
SX-PV10 PCM Digital Piano (1984) 
SX-PR902 Digital Ensemble Piano 

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