1985 K League

Korean Super League 1985 was third season of top football league in South Korea. Total 8 teams are participated in the league. Six of them are professional teams (Hallelujah Eagles, Yukong Elephants, Daewoo Royals, POSCO Atoms, Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso and Hyundai Horang-i) and two of them are amateur teams. (Hanil Bank and Sangmu).

League began 13 April 1985 and ended 22 September 1985. Season was operated its season in three stages, every teams are played each other in each stage.


First Stage
Date Place Stadium
13 April ~ 14 April Seoul Dongdaemun Stadium
20 April ~ 21 April Incheon Incheon Sungui Stadium
27 April ~ 28 April Jeonju Jeonju Stadium
1 May ~ 2 May Busan Busan Gudeok Stadium
11 May ~ 12 May Masan Masan Stadium
17 May ~ 18 May Uijeongbu Uijeongbu Stadium
27 May ~ 28 May Gyeongju Gyeongju Civil Stadium
Second Stage
Date Place Stadium
18 June ~ 19 June Uijeongbu Uijeongbu Stadium
22 June ~ 23 June Gangneung Gangneung Stadium
25 June ~ 26 June Gangneung Gangneung Stadium
29 June ~ 30 June Pohang Pohang Stadium
2 July Busan Busan Gudeok Stadium
6 July ~ 7 July Jinju Jinju Civil Stadium
13 July ~ 14 July Seoul Hyochang Stadium
18 July Seoul Dongdaemun Stadium
Third Stage
Date Place Stadium
24 August ~ 25 August Incheon Incheon Sungui Stadium
28 August ~ 29 August Seoul Dongdaemun Stadium
31 August ~ 1 September Cheongju Cheongju Stadium
7 September ~ 8 September Gumi Gumi Civil Stadium
10 September ~ 11 September Gumi Gumi Civil Stadium
14 September ~ 15 September Ulsan Ulsan Complex Stadium
21 September ~ 22 September Incheon Incheon Sungui Stadium

League table

Pos Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD comment
1.Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso 272110743519+16Winners
2.POSCO Atoms 25219752517+8
3.Daewoo Royals 25219752216+6
4.Hyundai Horang-i 242110472321+2
5.Yukong Elephants 19217592826+2
6.Sangmu 19216782330-7
7.Hanil Bank 162131081830-12
8.Hallelujah Eagles 132137111530-15
1985 Korean League Winners
Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso
1st Title

Top scorers

Rank Scorer Club Goals Matches
1 Thailand Piyapong Pue-on Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso 12 21
South Korea Kim Yong-Se Yukong Elephants 21
3 South Korea Lee Heung-Sil POSCO Atoms 10 21
4 South Korea Chung Hae-Won Daewoo Royals 7 17
South Korea Lee Sang-Rae Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso 21
6 South Korea Hong Seok-Min Sangmu 6 18
South Korea Park Sang-In Hallelujah Eagles 21
8 4 players 5
12 7 players 4
21 3 players 3
24 20 players 2
44 31 players 1
own goals 1


K-League Most Valuable Player

The K-League Most Valuable Player Award was won by Han Moon-Bae (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)

K-League Top Scorer

The K-League Top Scorer Award was won by Piyapong Pue-on (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)

K-League Top Assistor

The K-League Top Assister Award was won by Piyapong Pue-on (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)

K-League Rookie of the Year

The K-League Rookie of the Year Award was won by Lee Heung-Sil (POSCO Atoms)

K-League Manager of the Year

The K-League Manager of the Year Award was won by Park Se-Hak (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)

K-League Fighting Spirit Award

The K-League Fighting Spirit award was won by Kim Yong-Se (Yukong Elephants)

K-League Exemplary Award

The K-League Exemplary award was won by Choi Kang-Hee (Hyundai Horang-i)

K-League Best Goalkeeper Award

The K-League Best Goalkeeper award was won by Kim Hyeon-Tae (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)

K-League Best Eleven

Goalkeeper: Kim Hyeon-Tae (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)
Defence: Chang Woe-Ryong (Daewoo Royals), Han Moon-Bae (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso), Choi Kang-Hee (Hyundai Horang-i), Kim Cheol-Su (POSCO Atoms)
Midfield: Park Sang-In (Hallelujah Eagles), Lee Heung-Sil (POSCO Atoms), Park Hang-Seo (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)
Attack: Kim Yong-Se (Yukong Elephants), Piyapong Pue-on, Kang Deouk-Soo (both Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)


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