2004 K League

The 2004 season of the K-League kicked off on April 3. The league's previous single-season format was replaced by a separated twice 12-game split-season schedule. Each team will play 12 matches consisting of a home or away fixture against every other team in each stage. After both stages have been played, First Stage table plus Second Stage and the First Stage and Second Stage winners and table the top 2 teams will enter the championship playoffs to determine the overall champion. The playoff fixtures are set to take place in early December.

First stage

Final table

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD comment
Pohang Steelers 23126511612+4 First Stage Champion
Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors 2012552169+7
Ulsan Hyundai Horangi 2012552118+3
Suwon Samsung Bluewings 18125341916+3
FC Seoul 16123721210+2
Chunnam Dragons 15123631713+4
Gwangju Sangmu Bulsajo 15123631112-1
Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma 15124351316-3
Busan I'Cons 141228278-1
Daegu FC 121233619190
Daejeon Citizen 1212264911-2
Bucheon SK 1112183712-5
Incheon United 912237920-11

Second stage

Final table

Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD comment
Suwon Samsung Bluewings 2312723128+4 Second Stage Champion
Chunnam Dragons 2212642127+5
Ulsan Hyundai Horangi 2112633116+5
Incheon United 1712453119+2
FC Seoul 171245387+1
Busan I'Cons 16124441411+3
Daegu FC 16124441112-1
Gwangju Sangmu Bulsajo 141235478-1
Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma 14123541012-2
Bucheon SK 14123541215-3
Daejeon Citizen 1412426915-6
Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors 121233679-2
Pohang Steelers 912237712-5

Overall Table

Pos Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD comment
1.Ulsan Hyundai Horangi 412411852214+8Qualified
2.Suwon Samsung Bluewings (C) 412412573124+7Second Stage Champion
3.Chunnam Dragons 372491052920+9Qualified
4.FC Seoul 332471252017+3
5.Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors 32248882318+5
6.Pohang Steelers 32248882324-1First Stage Champion
7.Busan I'Cons 302461262119+2FA Cup winner
8.Gwangju Sangmu Bulsajo 292461171820-2
9.Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma 29247892328-5
10.Daegu FC 282477103031-1
11.Daejeon Citizen 262468101826-8
12.Incheon United 262468102029-9
13.Bucheon SK 252441371927-8
Qualification for playoffs and 2005 AFC Champions League
Qualification for playoffs
Qualification for playoffs

Note: 2004 Korean FA Cup winner also qualified for 2005 AFC Champions League

Top scorers

This list is including championship playoff goals

Rank Player Club Goals Pld
1 Brazil Mota Chunnam Dragons 14 22
2 Brazil Nonato Daegu FC 13 23
3 Brazil Nadson Suwon Samsung Bluewings 12 26
4 South Korea Woo Sung-Yong Pohang Steelers 10 26
5 South Korea Kim Eun-Jung FC Seoul 8 24
= Brazil Marcel Suwon Samsung Bluewings 8 26
7 Brazil Zé Carlos Ulsan Hyundai Horangi 7 12
= Brazil Ricardo Irineu Bucheon SK 7 22
9 Mali Cheick Oumar Dabo Bucheon SK 6 15
= England Andy Cooke Busan I'Cons 6 20
= Brazil Itamar Chunnam Dragons 6 22
= Brazil Tavares Pohang Steelers 6 23

Championship playoffs

Semifinals Final
Suwon Samsung Bluewings 1
Chunnam Dragons 0
Suwon Samsung Bluewings 00000(0)0-040PSO0
Pohang Steelers 00000(0)0-030PSO0
Pohang Steelers 1
Ulsan Hyundai Horangi 0





First leg
Second leg

Suwon Samsung Bluewings win 4-3 on penalties

2004 K-League Winners

Suwon Samsung Bluewings
3rd Title

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