1997 Shimizu S-Pulse season

Shimizu S-Pulse
1997 season
Manager ArgentinaArdiles
Stadium Nihondaira Sports Stadium
J. League 5th
Emperor's Cup Quarterfinals
J. League Cup GL-A 2nd
Top goalscorer BrazilOliva (13)

1997 Shimizu S-Pulse season


J. League5th / 17 clubs
Emperor's CupQuarterfinals
J. League CupGL-A 2nd / 4 clubs

Domestic results

J. League

Emperor's Cup

J. League Cup

Player statistics

No.Pos.Nat.PlayerD.o.B. (Age)Height / WeightJ. LeagueEmperor's CupJ. League CupTotal
1GKJapanMasanori SanadaMarch 6, 1968 (aged 29)178cm / 73kg3203060410
2DFJapanToshihide SaitoApril 20, 1973 (aged 23)181cm / 73kg2223000252
3DFJapanMasahiro AndoApril 2, 1972 (aged 24)176cm / 67kg3223060412
4DFJapanTakumi HoriikeSeptember 6, 1965 (aged 31)173cm / 68kg2900060350
5MFBrazilSantosDecember 9, 1960 (aged 36)176cm / 74kg3133360406
6MFJapanKatsumi OenokiApril 3, 1965 (aged 31)178cm / 70kg2803050360
7MFJapanTeruyoshi ItoAugust 31, 1974 (aged 22)168cm / 71kg3173161409
8MFArgentinaOlivaSeptember 26, 1971 (aged 25)180cm / 80kg221332523017
9FWJapanKenta HasegawaSeptember 25, 1965 (aged 31)177cm / 77kg3051062377
10MFJapanMasaaki SawanoboriJanuary 12, 1970 (aged 27)170cm / 60kg311131604012
11DFJapanRyuzo MoriokaOctober 7, 1975 (aged 21)179cm / 70kg3013060391
12MFJapanYukihiko SatoMay 11, 1976 (aged 20)177cm / 70kg00102030
13DFJapanTadaaki MatsubaraJuly 2, 1977 (aged 19)182cm / 74kg000000
14DFJapanKazuyuki TodaDecember 30, 1977 (aged 19)178cm / 68kg2003050280
15DFJapanRyo OishiJuly 13, 1977 (aged 19)177cm / 70kg20000020
16GKJapanKoji NakaharaJuly 27, 1970 (aged 26)178cm / 76kg000000
17MFJapanYuzuki ItoApril 7, 1974 (aged 22)172cm / 65kg600040100
18FWJapanDaizo OkitsuJune 15, 1974 (aged 22)170cm / 68kg1710000171
19DFJapanJunji NishizawaMay 10, 1974 (aged 22)181cm / 77kg2103010250
20GKJapanKeisuke HadaFebruary 20, 1978 (aged 19)182cm / 75kg000000
21MFJapanNobuhiro NaitoMay 25, 1978 (aged 18)164cm / 60kg000100
22MFJapanHisaaki KobayashiSeptember 20, 1978 (aged 18)171cm / 65kg000000
23MF/DFBrazilAlexJuly 20, 1977 (aged 19)178cm / 69kg2733021324
DFJapanTsuyoshi TanikawaApril 25, 1980 (aged 16)175cm / 70kg000000
→24DFJapanDaisuke IchikawaMay 14, 1980 (aged 16)181cm / 70kg000000
DFJapanYuzo WadaMay 2, 1980 (aged 16)172cm / 63kg000000
MFJapanKosuke WatanabeJuly 16, 1979 (aged 17)165cm / 60kg000000
MFJapanKohei HiramatsuApril 19, 1980 (aged 16)171cm / 60kg000000
24DFWalesBowenDecember 7, 1963 (aged 33)178cm / 75kg730031104



No. Position Player
19 Japan DF Junji Nishizawa (from Verdy Kawasaki)
Japan DF Tsuyoshi Tanikawa (from Shimizu S-Pulse youth)
Japan DF Daisuke Ichikawa (from Shimizu S-Pulse youth)
Japan DF Yuzo Wada (from Shimizu S-Pulse youth)
Japan MF Kosuke Watanabe (from Shimizu S-Pulse youth)
Japan MF Kohei Hiramatsu (from Shimizu S-Pulse youth)
21 Japan MF Nobuhiro Naito (from Shizuoka Gakuen Senior High School)
22 Japan MF Hisaaki Kobayashi (from Shimizu Commercial High School)
23 Brazil MF Alex (from Meitoku Gijuku Senior High School)
18 Japan FW Daizo Okitsu (from University of Tsukuba)


No. Position Player
Japan GK Takeshi Urakami (to Kawasaki Frontale)
Japan DF Hiroyuki Shirai (to Verdy Kawasaki)
Japan DF Shinichi Niimura (to Hitachi Shimizu)
Japan MF Masao Sugimoto (retired)
Japan MF Ademir Santos
Japan MF Hideki Nagai (to Verdy Kawasaki)
Japan MF Noriaki Suzuki
Japan MF Yasuhiro Nagahashi (to Kawasaki Frontale)
Italy FW Massaro
Japan FW Tatsuru Mukojima (to Kawasaki Frontale)
Japan FW Hiroaki Tajima (to Honda Motor)
Japan FW Yoshika Matsubara (to JEF United Ichihara)
Japan FW Ryuzo Shimizu (retired)
Japan FW Hiroki Matsubara

Transfers during the season






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