2012 Suruga Bank Championship

2012 Suruga Bank Championship
Kashima Antlers won 7–6 in penalty shootout
Date August 1, 2012[1]
Venue Kashima Soccer Stadium, Kashima[2]
Referee Chris Beath (Australia)[3]
Attendance 20,021[4]
Weather Clear
27.8 °C (82.0 °F)
80% humidity

The 2012 Suruga Bank Championship (Japanese: スルガ銀行チャンピオンシップ2012; Spanish: Copa Suruga Bank 2012) was the fifth edition of the Suruga Bank Championship, the club football match co-organized by the Japan Football Association, the football governing body of Japan, and CONMEBOL, the football governing body of South America, between the winners of the previous season's J. League Cup and Copa Sudamericana. It was contested by Japanese club Kashima Antlers, the 2011 J. League Cup champion, and Chilean club Universidad de Chile, the 2011 Copa Sudamericana champion.

Kashima Antlers won 7–6 in penalty shooutout, after drawing 2–2 in the ninety minutes of play.[5]

Qualified teams

Team Qualification Previous participation (bold indicates winners)
Japan Kashima Antlers 2011 J. League Cup champion None
Chile Universidad de Chile 2011 Copa Sudamericana champion None


The Suruga Bank Championship is played over one match, hosted by the winner of the J. League Cup. If the score is tied at the end of regulation, the winner is determined by a penalty shootout (no extra time is played). A maximum of seven substitutions may be made during the match.

Match details

Kashima Antlers
Universidad de Chile
GK 21Japan Hitoshi Sogahata
DF 3Japan Daiki Iwamasa
DF 7Japan Toru Araiba
DF 22Japan Daigo Nishi
DF 6Japan Kōji Nakata
MF 33Brazil Renato  73'
MF 11Brazil Dutra  29'  56'
MF 20Japan Gaku Shibasaki  62'
MF 40Japan Mitsuo Ogasawara
FW 9Japan Yuya Osako  69'
FW 13Japan Shinzo Koroki
GK 1Japan Akihiro Sato
MF 10Japan Masashi Motoyama  73'
MF 15Japan Takeshi Aoki  62'
MF 25Japan Yasushi Endo  56'
MF 28Japan Shoma Doi
FW 8Brazil Juninho  69'
FW 19Japan Hideya Okamoto
Brazil Jorginho
GK 25Chile Jhonny Herrera
RB 14Chile Paulo Magalhaes
DF 4Chile Osvaldo González
DF 13Chile José Manuel Rojas
LB 3Chile Eugenio Mena
DM 2Argentina Ezequiel Videla  42'
MF 6Argentina Matías Rodríguez
MF 20Chile Charles Aránguiz
RF 19Chile Sebastián Ubilla  63'
CF 9Argentina Enzo Gutiérrez  80'
LF 11Argentina Luciano Civelli  54'
GK 12Chile Paulo Garcés
DF 5Chile Albert Acevedo
DF 21Ecuador Eduardo Morante
MF 8Argentina Guillermo Marino  42'
MF 22Argentina Gustavo Lorenzetti  63'
MF 15Chile Roberto Cereceda  54'
FW 16Chile Francisco Castro  80'
Argentina Jorge Sampaoli

Assistant referees:
Paul Cetrangalo (Australia)
Nathan MacDonald (Australia)
Fourth official:
Masaaki Toma (Japan)

Suruga Bank Championship
2012 Champion
Kashima Antlers
First Title


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