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Greenland is divided into four municipalities Kujalleq, Qaasuitsup, Qeqqata, and Sermersooq[1] as well as the large Northeast Greenland National Park which is unincorporated. The Thule Air Base is administered by the United States Air Force and operates as an unincorporated enclave surrounded by territory of Qaasuitsup.


Administrative divisions of Greenland since 1 January 2009, with municipal centers marked with numbers.
NameKalaallisutMunicipality center Coat of Arms ISO[2] Population Area (km²)
Kujalleq Kommune Kujalleq Qaqortoq GL-KU 7,589 32,000
Qaasuitsup Qaasuitsup Kommunia Ilulissat GL-QA 17,749 660,000
Qeqqata Qeqqata Kommunia Sisimiut GL-QE 9,677 115,500
Sermersooq Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq Nuuk GL-SM 21,232 531,900


Greenland was originally divided between the two colonies of North Greenland with its capital at Godhavn (modern Qeqertarsuaq) and South Greenland with its capital at Godthaab (modern Nuuk). These were directed by inspectors until 1924, when the officials were promoted to governors. The colonies were united in 1940 and the administration centralized at Godthaab.

In 1953 a new Danish constitution promoted Greenland to full membership in the Danish state with all of its inhabitants given Danish citizenship.

Divisions and national park

For statistical and some regulatory purposes the country was divided into three divisions (landsdele) in 1951: West Greenland, North Greenland and East Greenland. The large Northeast Greenland National Park was established in 1974 encompassing the northern part of East Greenland and amended with the eastern part of North Greenland in 1988

With the advent of Home Rule in 1979, these names were Greenlandicized to Kitaa, Tunu, and Avannaa. By 2008, Kitaa had 15 municipalities, Tunu 2, and Avannaa 1.


In 1908 Greenland was divided into 63 municipalities with elected municipal councils. After the modernization phase started in the 1950s these were consolidated and by 1979 there were 18 municipalities.

The structural reform in 2008-9 created 4 enlarged municipalities.

Kitaa (West Greenland)

The three former counties of Greenland, including the boundaries of the former municipalities and the Northeast Greenland National Park area.

Southern part:

Central part:

Northern part:

Tunu (East Greenland)

Avannaa (North Greenland)

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