Adso is a Chinese to English dictionary and natural language processing engine for Chinese text. The Adso project started in 2001. Its gist translation and dictionary interface are online at the Adsotrans website,[1] where its software and database are also available for download.[2] These downloads include a copy of the "Adsotrans Attribution-NonCommercial License 1.1"[3] and an additional README that states "Free use may be made of the software for machine translation, hanzi-to-pinyin conversion and text segmentation purposes, provided that attribution is given, including a link to our project."


With over 195,000 entries, Adso is the largest free Chinese–English dictionary compilation on the Internet. It differs from other projects in providing part of speech and ontological data on word entries, and in reviewing user contributions. Project data is generated collaboratively by users through an online dictionary hosted at Popup Chinese.

The Adso software engine provides text segmentation, hanzi-to-pinyin, gist translation, annotation, gist extraction and semantic analysis services. It is heavily used as a translation aid for Chinese-English translation. Adso also supports a specially-defined XML language which customizes software output. This has made it useful as preprocessor for statistical machine translation software such as GIZA++ or for reverse-index search engines such as Lucene.



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