Batticaloa fort

Batticaloa Fort
Portuguese/Dutch Fort
Part of Batticaloa
Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Batticaloa Fort
Batticaloa Fort
Portuguese/Dutch Fort
Coordinates 7°42′43″N 81°42′09″E / 7.711901°N 81.702377°E / 7.711901; 81.702377
Type Defence fort
Site information
Controlled by Government of Sri Lanka
Open to
the public
Condition Good
Site history
Built 1628[1]
Built by Portuguese and Dutch
Materials Granite Stones and coral
Battles/wars Several battles

The Batticaloa Fort (Sinhalese: මඩකලපුව බලකොටුව; Tamil: மட்டக்களப்புக் கோட்டை) was built by the Portuguese in 1628 and was captured by the Dutch on 18 May 1638.[2] Later, the fort was used by British from 1745.

The fort has a structure of four bastions and is protected by the Batticaloa Lagoon on two sides and a canal on the other two sides. The fort is still in reasonable condition and currently houses several local administrative departments of the Sri Lanka government in new buildings, which are located within the old structure.[3]


Timeline of Batticaloa fort in colonial time.[4]

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