Elephant Pass fort

Elephant Pass Fort
Elephant Pass, Sri Lanka
Elephant Pass Fort
Coordinates 9°31′24″N 80°24′29″E / 9.523343°N 80.408080°E / 9.523343; 80.408080
Type Defence fort
Site information
Condition Destroyed
Site history
Built 1776
Built by Dutch
Materials Granite Stones
Battles/wars Many

Elephant Pass Fort (Tamil: ஆனையிறவுக் கோட்டை) was a small fort in the strategically important spot as it linked Jaffna peninsula to the mainland. It was built by the Dutch in 1776 on the banks of the Jaffna lagoon.[1]

The fort was served as a defensive structure to protect the Jaffna peninsula. It was like a well-fortified stockade or a watch post. It had two bastions, and each bastion was equipped with four cannons.[2] Elephant Pass Fort was linearly located with Fort Beschutter and Fort Pass Pyl in the narrow part of the peninsula. During the British rule, the fort was used as a rest house. It was destroyed during the time of Sri Lankan civil war.


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