Mannar fort

Mannar Fort
Mannar, Sri Lanka
Mannar Fort
Coordinates 8°58′33″N 79°55′01″E / 8.975864°N 79.917013°E / 8.975864; 79.917013
Type Defence fort
Site information
Open to
the public
Condition Good
Site history
Built 1560
Built by Portuguese and Dutch
Materials Granite Stones and bricks

Mannar Fort (Sinhalese: මන්නාරම් බලකොටුව; Tamil: மன்னார்க் கோட்டை) is located on Mannar Island, Sri Lanka. It was built by Portuguese in 1560. The fort fell to the Dutch in 1658, and they rebuilt the fort in 1696. In 1795 the British occupied the fort following the surrender by the Dutch.[1][2]

It is a square shaped fort with four bastions and is located next to the new bridge that connects the mainland with the Mannar Island.[3]

The fort is currently occupied by the Sri Lanka Police.


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