Malwana fort

Malwana fort
Malwana, Sri Lanka
Malwana fort
Coordinates 6°55′32″N 80°01′20″E / 6.925593°N 80.022208°E / 6.925593; 80.022208
Type Defence fort
Site information
Condition Remnants
Site history
Built 1590s
Built by Portuguese

Malwana fort (Sinhalese: මල්වාන බලකොටුව) was located in Malwana, Gampaha, on the banks of the Kelani River. It was built by Portuguese in 1590s. The small fort served as a residence for the Portuguese Governor or Captain-Generals.[1] Records indicate that a company of 70 soldiers were stationed at the fort. The fort was attacked by Kandyan forces in the 1630s. The Portuguese subsequently abandoned it and focused their forces on Colombo fort and its defence.[2]

There are records that indicate that the fort was also used by Dutch, with approx. 20–80 Dutch soldiers stationed there. It is likely that they would have reconstructed the fort during that time, although they later abandoned it as well.[2]

There are also stories that allege that Bhuvanaikabahu VII was assassinated by the Portuguese when he visited the Malwana fort.[3]


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