Fort Pyl

Fort Pyl
Elephant Pass, Sri Lanka
Fort Pyl
Coordinates 9°35′21″N 80°26′40″E / 9.589170°N 80.444578°E / 9.589170; 80.444578
Type Defence fort
Site information
Condition Destroyed
Site history
Built by Dutch
Materials Granite Stones
Battles/wars Many

Fort Pyl or Fort Pass Pyl[1] (Tamil: பைல் கடவைக் கோட்டை) was a small fort in the Elephant Pass Fort areas, which is narrow part of the Jaffna peninsula. The fort was located in line with two other forts, Elephant Pass fort and Fort Beschutter, in order to protect Jaffna peninsula from attacks originating from the mainland.[2]

The square-shaped fort built as similar to Elephant Pass fort and Fort Beschutter. It was destroyed and no evidence of the fort is visible today.[3]


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