Ruwanwella fort

Ruwanwella fort
Kegalle, Sri Lanka
Ruwanwella fort
Coordinates 7°02′46″N 80°15′15″E / 7.045984°N 80.254049°E / 7.045984; 80.254049
Type Defence fort
Site information
Controlled by Government of Sri Lanka
Condition good
Site history
Built 1817
Built by British

Ruwanwella fort (Sinhalese: රුවන්වැල්ල බලකොටුව), was initially a fortified base camp erected by the Portuguese in 1590s at Ruwanwella, Kegalle.[1][2] It was captured by Dutch in 1665, who constructed a wooden fort (Ruanelle)[3] but abandoned it within a few years.[4] In 1817 the British built a stone fort on the site with two bastions.[5]

1690 Map of Fort Ruanelle (top right corner)

Ruwanwella fort is cuurently being used as a police station.[6]


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