Central Europe Rally

The Central Europe Rally was a rally raid endurance race held in Romania and Hungary.[1] It was held in 2008 as a replacement for the canceled 2008 Dakar Rally.[2] It was organized by the Amaury Sport Organisation.[2]


The event began in Budapest on April 19 and finished at Lake Balaton in Hungary on April 26, 2008.[1]

Here is a table with the locations of the start and finish points of each stage of the Rally, as well as each stage's distance.[3]

Date Stage Start Finish Special Stage (km) Road Section (km) Total Stage winners
Bikes Quads Cars Trucks
20 April 1 Hungary Budapest Romania Baia Mare 63 468 531 Spain M. Coma Hungary L. Szabo Spain C. Sainz Netherlands H. Stacey
21 April 2 Romania Baia Mare 152 140 292 France D. Casteu Romania R. Irimescu France S. Peterhansel Netherlands H. Stacey
22 April 3 Romania Baia Mare Hungary Debrecen 152 285 437 Slovakia J. Katriňák Romania R. Irimescu South Africa G. de Villiers Czech Republic A. Loprais
23 April 4 Hungary Debrecen Hungary Veszprém 150 430 580 France C. Despres France H. Deltrieu Spain C. Sainz Netherlands H. Stacey
24 April 5 Hungary Veszprém 210 107 317 France D. Casteu Hungary N. Nemeth Spain C. Sainz Netherlands H. Stacey
25 April 6 Hungary Veszprém 210 107 317 France C. Despres France H. Deltrieu Spain C. Sainz Netherlands H. Stacey
26 April 7 Hungary Veszprém Hungary Balatonfüred 155 42 197 Slovakia J. Katriňák France C. Declerck Spain C. Sainz Netherlands H. Stacey
1,092 1,579 2,671



1. David Casteu (KTM) 12:21:14[4]
2. Francisco López (KTM) +2:58[4]
3. Alain Duclos (KTM) +19:39[4]
4. José Manuel Pellicer (Yamaha) +21:20[4]
5. Cyril Despres (KTM) +22:50[4]


1. Carlos Sainz/Michel Périn, Volkswagen Race Touareg 2, 11h18m08s[5]
2. Stéphane Peterhansel/Jean-Paul Cottret, Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution, + 2.01m[5]
3. Dieter Depping/Timo Gottschalk, Volkswagen Race Touareg 2, + 6.34m[5]
4. Luc Alphand/Gilles Picard, Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution, + 7.28m[5]
5. Carlos Sousa/Andreas Schulz, Volkswagen Race Touareg 2, + 33.45m[5]
6. Bruno Saby/Alain Guehennec, BMW X3 CC, + 46.30m[5]
7. Robert Baldwin/Kevin Heath, Hummer H3, + 56.02m[5]
8. Philippe Gache/François Flick, SMG, + 1h07m08s[5]
9. Miroslav Zapletal/Valdimir Nemajer, Mitsubishi L200, + 1h12m19s[5]
10. Robby Gordon/Andy Grider, Hummer H3, + 1h25m38s[5]


1. Hans Stacey, Eddy Chevaillier, Bernard der Kinderen, MAN TGA, 11:43:20[6]
2. Wulfer van Ginkel, Daniël Bruinsma, Richard de Rooy, GINAF X2222, +0:33:43[6]
3. Aleš Loprais, Ladislav Lála, Milan Holáň, Tatra T815-2, +0:53:18[6]
4. Marek Spáčil, Jiří Žák, Zdeněk Němec, LIAZ 151154, +1:27:42[6]
5. Marco Dono, Andrea Bettiga, Angelo Fumagalli, Iveco, +1:28:27[6]


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