Charlotte mayoral election, 2009

The biennial Charlotte mayoral election was held on November 3, 2009. The seat was open due to the decision by Mayor Pat McCrory, a Republican, not to seek re-election. Democrat Anthony Foxx, a member of the City Council, won the election by a slim margin, becoming the first Democrat elected to lead the city since Harvey Gantt was re-elected in 1985.




Not Running



Primary election results

Candidates Democratic Primary Election
Candidate Party Notes
Anthony Foxx Democratic Unopposed
Candidates Republican Primary Election ( 4.33% turnout) - Sept. 15 [5]
Candidate Party Votes Percent
John Lassiter Republican 8,516 79.54%
Martin Davis Republican 2,031 18.97%
Jack Stratton Republican 159 1.49%

General election results

Candidates General Election ( 21% turnout) - Nov. 3 [6]
Candidate Party Votes Percent
John Lassiter Republican 51,841 48.45%
Anthony Foxx Democratic 55,080 51.48%


Foxx (D) v. Lassiter (R)

Poll Source Dates Administered Anthony Foxx (D) John Lassiter (R)
Public Policy Polling November 2, 2009 46% 50%
Public Policy Polling October 26, 2009 45% 45%
Public Policy Polling August 11, 2009 43% 44%


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