City of London market constabularies

The City of London market constabularies are three small constabularies responsible for security at Billingsgate,[1] New Spitalfields[2] and Smithfield[3] markets run by the City of London Corporation.

Powers and duties

Market constables now perform a mixture of security and emergency medical work and are no longer recognised as police officers and are not attested as such. However, their uniforms still say "Markets Police" out of tradition and their 'police-type' role. They are responsible for enforcing market bylaws, rules and regulations. They are not expected to get into serious confrontational roles, with more serious related work being handed over to the City of London Police or Metropolitan Police Service.

Uniforms and equipment

Constables wear modern-day police uniforms and may wear: blue or white shirt and tie, protective stab vest, high visibility jackets and black (sometimes white-topped) peaked caps with the City of London crest. They may carry torches, radios, whistles and first aid kits on duty belts. Some constables may also carry a pair of hinged handcuffs. They do not carry batons or CS gas.[4]


If the constabulary has any vehicles it may only be one. These are normally liveried in fluorescent colours and with amber flashing lights to increase their presence. New Spitalfield Market Constabulary operates a Ford Ranger[4] with a bright red stripe, a twin rotating amber flashing light on the roof and the City of London crest and "New Spitalfield Market Constabulary" below that, on the rear sides of the vehicle. Inside the Truckman rear are wheel clamps, road cones, first aid kits, fire extinguisher and granules to soak up diesel spills.

Billingsgate Market Constabulary uses a Vauxhall Astra estate.[4] It has a yellow stripe down each side and constabulary markings. It is the only vehicle they have to get around the fish market site. The car previously had a blue light attached to the roof that has now been permanently removed. It carries similar equipment to the Ford.

Smithfield Market Constabulary do not operate any vehicles because constables can easily walk around the meat market.[4]

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