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Location of Machida in Tokyo


Coordinates: 35°42′38″N 139°26′19″E / 35.71056°N 139.43861°E / 35.71056; 139.43861Coordinates: 35°42′38″N 139°26′19″E / 35.71056°N 139.43861°E / 35.71056; 139.43861
Country Japan
Region Kantō
Prefecture Tokyo
  Total 71.80 km2 (27.72 sq mi)
Population (February 2016)
  Total 429,040
  Density 5,980/km2 (15,500/sq mi)
Time zone Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
• Tree Zelkova serrata
• Flower Scarlet sage
• Bird Common kingfisher
Phone number 042-722-3111
Address 1-20-23 Nakamachi, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-8520
One of the ponds of Yakushi-Ike Park in Machida
A road lined with cherry blossom trees in Machida

Machida (町田市 Machida-shi) is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis, in the central Kantō region of Japan. As of 1 February 2016, the city had an estimated population of 429,040 and a population density of 5980 persons per km². Its total area was 71.80 square kilometres (27.72 sq mi)


Machida is located in the Tama Hills of southern Tokyo Metropolis, bordered by Kanagawa Prefecture on the west, south, and east. approximately 40-50 kilometers from the center of Tokyo. The Tama River flows through the city.

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The area of present-day Machida was part of ancient Musashi Province. In the post-Meiji Restoration cadastral reform of July 22, 1878, the area became part of Minamitama District in Kanagawa Prefecture. The village of Machida was created on April 1, 1889 with the establishment of municipalities law. Minamitama District was transferred to the administrative control of Tokyo Metropolis on April 1, 1893. Tama was elevated to town status on April 1, 1913. The town was bombed by American forces on May 24, 1945 during World War II

Machida expanded through annexation of the neighboring village of Minami on April 1, 1954, followed by the villages of Tsurukawa, Tadao and Sakai on February 1, 1958 to become the city of Machida. A USMC RF-8A crashed in Machida on April 1, 1964. From 1973, the Tama New Town development resulted in a rapid increase in population, turning the city into a bedroom community for Tokyo and Yokohama.


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Odakyu Electric Railway - Odakyū Odawara Line
Tokyu Corporation - Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line
JR East - Yokohama Line
Keio Corporation - Keiō Sagamihara Line



Machida is governed by a 26-member city council, whose members are elected for a four-year term.


  1. Tokichiro Aoyama (19581970, 3 terms)
  2. Katsumasa Oshita (19701990, 5 terms)
  3. Kazuo Terada (19902006, 4 terms)
  4. Joichi Ishizaka (20062010, 3rd term incumbent)

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