1987 K League

The Korea Professional Football League 1987 was fifth season of K-League in South Korea. This season was total 5 teams are participated in the league. All of them are professional teams. Hanil Bank withdrew the league from this season.

League began 28 March 1987 and ended 8 November 1987. Season was operated its season in single stage, every teams are played each other eight times.

League table

Pos Team Pts Pld W D L GF GA GD comment
1.Daewoo Royals 4632161424120+21Winners
2.POSCO Atoms 403216886441+23
3.Yukong Elephants 273299143443-9
4.Hyundai Horang-i 2632712133440-6
5.Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso 213277182655-29
1987 Korean League Winners
Daewoo Royals
2nd Title

Top scorers

Rank Scorer Club Goals Matches
1 South Korea Choi Sang-Kuk POSCO Atoms 15 30
2 South Korea Lee Heung-Sil POSCO Atoms 12 29
South Korea Noh Soo-Jin Yukong Elephants 30
4 South Korea Kim Joo-Sung Daewoo Royals 10 28
5 South Korea Kim Hong-Woon POSCO Atoms 9 26
6 South Korea Lee Sang-Cheol Hyundai Horang-i 8 28
7 South Korea Park Hang-Seo Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso 7 28
8 3 players 6
11 2 players 5
13 5 players 4
18 12 players 3
30 12 players 2
42 15 players 1
own goals 3


K-League Most Valuable Player

The K-League Most Valuable Player award was won by Chung Hae-Won (Daewoo Royals)

K-League Top Scorer

The K-League Top Scorer award was won by Choi Sang-Kuk (POSCO Atoms)

K-League Top Assistor

The K-League Top Assister award was won by Choi Sang-Kuk (POSCO Atoms)

K-League Rookie of the Year

The K-League Rookie of the Year Award was won by Kim Joo-Sung (Daewoo Royals)

K-League Manager of the Year

The K-League Manager of the Year Award was won by Lee Cha-Man (Daewoo Royals)

K-League Fighting Spirit Award

The K-League Fighting Spirit award was won by Choi Ki-Bong (Yukong Elephants)

K-League Exemplary Award

The K-League Exemplary award was won by Park No-Bong (Daewoo Royals)

K-League Best Goalkeeper Award

The K-League Best Goalkeeper award was won by Cho Byung-Deuk (POSCO Atoms)

K-League Best Eleven

Goalkeeper: Kim Poong-Joo (Daewoo Royals)
Defence: Choi Ki-Bong (Yukong Elephants), Chung Yong-Hwan (Daewoo Royals), Park Kyung-Hoon (POSCO Atoms), Gu Sang-Bum (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)
Midfield: Kim Sam-Soo (Hyundai Horang-i), Noh Soo-Jin (Yukong Elephants), Lee Heung-Sil (POSCO Atoms)
Attack: Choi Sang-Kuk (POSCO Atoms), Chung Hae-Won, Kim Joo-Sung (both Daewoo Royals)


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