Persikas Subang

Persikas Subang
Full name Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Kabupaten Subang
Nickname(s) Singa Subang (en: The Subang Lion)
Ground Persikas Stadium
Subang, West Java
Ground Capacity 5,000
Owner Subang Regency government
Coach Yudi Heriadi
League Liga Indonesia Third Division
2010-11 4th (West Java Region)

Persikas stands for Persatuan Sepakbola Indonesia Kabupaten Subang (en: Football Association of Indonesia Subang Regency). Persikas Subang is an Indonesian football club based in Subang, West Java. Club played in Liga Indonesia Third Division.

Persikas stadium named Persikas Stadium. Its location was in downtown Subang, West Java.


During this Persikas more often play in Division Two and Division Three. This happens because of lack of support from the government to develop and promote achievement in the arena football Persikas West Java, so the achievement Persikas inconspicuous.

Currently, Persikas Subang like suspended animation because it had not followed the national competition by reason of cost, so Persikas Earring only able to send a team at the junior level to be projected on the teams higher level, given the achievements of young players who are very good at the Subang junior.


Persikas Stadium is the home of Persikas Subang, which has a capacity of 5,000 spectators. The stadium is located in downtown Subang. The stadium has become the first stadium that has the same name as the team that occupied it.

This is not out of history, where at that moment in its heyday Persikas arena football in West Java. Therefore, use the name of the Persikas Stadium by the team management as a form of love and appreciation of the community of Subang Regency on this team, in order to continue sounding Persikas name and not forgotten in the future.

Until now, Persikas still use Persikas Stadium to play home games. The stadium is also often used as a training center, a few other teams in West Java, such as Persib Bandung, Persikab Bandung Regency, and Bandung FC during training camp before the start of the competition.


  • Jabar Djarum Super Cup Winner: 1989
  • 3rd Place U-15 West Java: 2008
  • Champion 2 U-15 West Java: 2009

Famous Players

Since playing in the national competition, Persikas Subang has had a number of young players who excel in both the team and at the national level. They include:


Persikas Subang has a group of fanatical supporters who are scattered throughout the area of Subang Regency, given the historical record as the only club and the pride of Subang Regency society so that every Persikas compete, Persikas Stadium always packed with fans both old and young, women to young children all in one. Persikas fans call themselves as a Super Sub (Supporters United Subang). Where is Super Sub to unify the entire community of Subang district into one without divisions in supporting his favorite team (Persikas).


W-IV Derby, or Derby Region IV is a football match between Persipo Purwakarta, Persikas Subang, Persika Karawang, Persikasi Bekasi and Persipasi Bekasi. The name is taken from the history that connects the four cities in earlier times together.

Historically yore Subang is a region of Karawang, because at that time Karawang includes Purwakarta, Subang and Bekasi. so when teams from each city meet always cause high tension in the game, because historically a very close relationship both in terms of culture and cultural.

Derby matches are always happening at the lower level football Indonesia precisely in Second Division and Third Division, as Persikas vs Persipo, Persikas vs Persika and Persikas vs Persikasi and Persipasi or game that brings the other team.

All the games that bring together teams from Region IV is very attractive interest the audience to come to the stadium because the game is running with Derby and prestige of high tension so that this derby game sometimes culminate in a scene players, officials, and spectators.


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