Tavë kosi

Tavë kosi or Tave Elbasani
Alternative names Elbasan tava, Tavë Elbasani, Tava e Elbasanit
Course Main
Place of origin Albania
Associated national cuisine Albanian
Serving temperature Warm
Main ingredients Lamb, yogurt with eggs (substituting soured milk), wheat flour, butter.
Ingredients generally used Rice
Variations Tavë kosi with chicken, Elbasan tava with Béchamel sauce
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Tavë kosi ("soured milk casserole") is a national dish in Albania. It is a simple dish of lamb (occasionally chicken, then called tavë kosi me mish pule) and rice baked with a mixture of yogurt and eggs (replacing the original soured milk) added to a roux (wheat flour and butter).[1] It is also popular in Turkey, where it is known as Elbasan tava (Albanian: Tavë Elbasani or Tava e Elbasanit), named after the Albanian city of Elbasan. Some preparations of the Turkish cuisine version involve Béchamel sauce instead of the traditional yogurt sauce.[2]


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