United States elections, 1882

Partisan control of Congress and the presidency
Previous party
Incoming party
President Republican Republican
House Republican Democratic
Senate Unclear Republican

The 1882 United States elections occurred in the middle of Republican President Chester A. Arthur's term, during the Third Party System. Arthur took office after his predecessor, James Garfield, was assassinated in 1881. Members of the 48th United States Congress were chosen in this election. Democrats won control of the House, while Republicans won control of the Senate.

Following the 1880 census, the size of the House increased by 32 seats. Democrats won major gains, taking control of the chamber.[1]

In the Senate, Republicans picked up one seat, giving them half of the seats in the chamber.[2] With the office of Vice President vacant, neither party controlled a majority, but Republican George F. Edmunds won re-election as President pro tempore.

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