Western Catchments

view of Avalanche lake from Western Catchments

Western Catchment is an area of natural beauty in The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, situated about 20 km from Ooty. The Western Catchment area is protected by the Forest Department, and tourists are not allowed in without permission. Earlier some regional movies were filmed here, but due to environmental protection permission is no longer given.[1][2][3][4]

About the area

This particularly beautiful location offers lots of surprises with its cool and beautiful climate. The whole area is covered by rolling grassland.[1][2] The lower points of the valleys are filled with by shola, presenting the visitor with a magical green carpet look, symbolic in that it is the colour of the nation's eco-friendly Green Revolution.[1][2] This place is appreciated by people in search of photos of areas of natural beauty, and it is the kind of place that can be experienced only when visited.[2][3][4][5]

The rolling hills together with the lush green carpet of vegetation, meandering streams and beautiful lake-like reservoirs surrounded by hills make the place feel like paradise. Portimund Lake, just outside Western Catchment, forms a contrast to the lush green hills and adds to the beauty to the location that is entirely covered with green and which includes streams that make the lake look even more attractive.[5][6][7][8]

Animals like Nilgiri tahrs, sambars, and mongoose live in Western Catchment.[5][6][9]

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