Črnuče District

This article is about the Črnuče District. For the former town of Črnuče, see Črnuče.
Črnuče District
Četrtna skupnost Črnuče

Map of districts in Ljubljana. The Črnuče District is number 3.
Črnuče District

Location in Slovenia

Coordinates: 46°6′21″N 14°31′53″E / 46.10583°N 14.53139°E / 46.10583; 14.53139Coordinates: 46°6′21″N 14°31′53″E / 46.10583°N 14.53139°E / 46.10583; 14.53139
Country Slovenia
Traditional region Upper Carniola
Statistical region Central Slovenia
Municipality Ljubljana
  Total 18.10 km2 (6.99 sq mi)
Population (2014)[1]
  Total 11,495

The Črnuče District (pronounced [tʃəɾˈnuːtʃɛ]; Slovene: Četrtna skupnost Črnuče), or simply Črnuče, is a district (mestna četrt) of the City Municipality of Ljubljana in the northern part of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. It is named after the former town of Črnuče.


The Črnuče District is bounded on the south by the Sava River, on the west by a line east of Spodnje Gameljne and Rašica; on the north by a line south of Trzin and Dragomelj; and on the east by a line just east of the A1 Freeway. The district includes the former settlements of Brod, Črnuče, Dobrava pri Črnučah, Gmajna, Ježa, Nadgorica, Podgorica pri Črnučah, and Šentjakob ob Savi. It was part of the traditional region of Upper Carniola and is now included with the rest of the municipality in the Central Slovenia Statistical Region.[2]


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