2012 CAF Confederation Cup

2012 CAF Confederation Cup
Tournament details
Dates 18 February – 25 November 2012
Teams 48+8 (from 37 associations)
Final positions
Champions Republic of the Congo AC Léopards (1st title)
Runners-up Mali Djoliba
Tournament statistics
Matches played 122
Goals scored 285 (2.34 per match)
Top scorer(s) Republic of the Congo Rudy Guélord Bhebey Ndey
Mali Ismaïla Diarra
Zimbabwe Edward Sadomba
(5 goals)

The 2012 CAF Confederation Cup (also known as the 2012 Orange CAF Confederation Cup for sponsorship reasons) was the 9th edition of the CAF Confederation Cup, Africa's secondary club football competition organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

AC Léopards from the Republic of the Congo won their first title, defeating Djoliba from Mali with a 4–3 win on aggregate in the final. They earned the right to play in the 2013 CAF Super Cup.

Association team allocation

Theoretically, up to 55 CAF member associations may enter the 2012 CAF Confederation Cup, with the 12 highest ranked associations according to CAF 5-Year Ranking eligible to enter 2 teams in the competition. For this year's competition, CAF used 2006-10 5-Year ranking. As a result, a maximum of 67 teams could enter the tournament – although this level has never been reached.

Ranking system

Main article: CAF 5-Year Ranking

CAF calculates points for each entrant association based on their clubs’ performance over the last 5 years in the CAF Champions League and CAF Confederation Cup, not taking into considering the running year. The criteria for points are the following:[1]

CAF Champions League CAF Confederation Cup
Winner 5 points 4 points
Runner-up 4 points 3 points
Losing semi-finalists 3 points 2 points
3rd place in groups 2 points 1 point
4th place in groups 1 point 1 point

The points are multiplied by a coefficient according to the year as follow:

Entrants list

Below is the entrants list for the competition. Nations are shown according to their 2006–2010 CAF 5-Year Ranking – those with a ranking score have their rank and score indicated. Teams were also seeded using their individual 2007–2011 5-Year team Ranking. The top sixteen sides (shown in bold) received byes to the first qualifying round.

Association Club Qualifying method
Associations with two entrants (Ranked 1–12)
Tunisia Tunisia
(1st - 97 pts)
CS Sfaxien 2010–11 Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 third place
Club Africain 2010–11 Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 fourth place
Egypt Egypt
(2nd - 81 pts)
(one entrant only)
2010–11 Egypt Cup winner
Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo DR
(3rd - 60 pts)
Saint Eloi Lupopo 2011 Linafoot third place
US Tshinkunku 2011 Coupe du Congo winner
Nigeria Nigeria
(4th - 58 pts)
Warri Wolves 2010–11 Nigeria Premier League third place
Heartland 2011 Nigerian FA Cup winner
Sudan Sudan
(5th - 47 pts)
Alamal Atbara 2011 Sudan Premier League third place
Al-Ahly Shendi 2011 Sudan Premier League fourth place
Algeria Algeria
(6th - 45 pts)
ES Sétif
(one entrant only)
2010–11 Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 third place
Morocco Morocco
(7th - 27 pts)
Wydad Casablanca 2010–11 Botola third place
CODM Meknès 2011 Coupe du Trône runner-up
Mali Mali
(8th - 21 pts)
AS Real Bamako 2010–11 Malian Première Division third place
Cercle Olympique de Bamako 2011 Malian Cup winner
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
(9th - 18 pts)
Motor Action 2011 Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League third place
Hwange 2011 Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League fourth place
Cameroon Cameroon
(11th - 14 pts)
Union Douala 2010–11 Cameroonian Premier League third place
Unisport Bafang 2011 Cameroonian Cup runner-up
Ivory Coast Côte d'Ivoire
(=12th - 13 pts)
Séwé Sports 2011 Côte d'Ivoire Premier Division third place
ASEC Mimosas 2011 Coupe de Côte d'Ivoire de football winner
Associations with one entrant (Fewer ranking points than the 12th CAF association)
Angola Angola
(=12th - 13 pts)
Interclube 2011 Angola Cup winner
Zambia Zambia
(=12th - 13 pts)
Red Arrows 2011 Zambian Premier League runner-up
Ghana Ghana
(15th - 6 pts)
Nania 2010–11 Ghanaian FA Cup winner
Niger Niger
(=16th - 5 pts)
Sahel SC 2011 Niger Cup winner
South Africa South Africa
(=16th - 5 pts)
Black Leopards 2011 Nedbank Cup runner-up
Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea
(18th - 1 pt)
Atlético Semu 2011 Equatoguinean Cup winner
Benin Benin Dragons 2011 Benin Cup winner
Botswana Botswana Extension Gunners 2011 Botswana FA Challenge Cup winner
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Étoile Filante 2011 Coupe du Faso winner
Burundi Burundi LLB Académic 2011 Burundian Cup winner
Central African Republic Central African Republic AS Tempête Mocaf 2011 Central African Republic Coupe Nationale winner
Chad Chad Renaissance 2011 Coupe de Ligue de N'Djaména winner
Republic of the Congo Congo AC Léopards 2011 Coupe du Congo de Foot-ball winner
Ethiopia Ethiopia Saint George SA 2010–11 Ethiopian Cup winner
Gabon Gabon AS Mangasport 2011 Coupe du Gabon Interclubs winner
The Gambia Gambia Gamtel 2011 Gambian Cup winner
Guinea Guinea FC Séquence 2011 Guinée Coupe Nationale winner
Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau ADR Desportivo de Mansabá 2011 Taça Nacional da Guiné Bissau winner
Kenya Kenya Gor Mahia 2011 FKL Cup winner
Liberia Liberia Invincible Eleven 2011 Liberian Cup winner
Madagascar Madagascar Tana Formation 2011 Coupe de Madagascar runner-up
Mozambique Mozambique Ferroviário de Maputo 2011 Taça de Moçambique winner
Rwanda Rwanda Kiyovu Sports 2010–11 Rwandan Premier League runner-up
Senegal Senegal Casa Sport 2011 Senegal FA Cup winner
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone FC Kallon 2011 Sierra Leone National Premier League runner-up
Swaziland Swaziland Royal Leopards 2011 Swazi Cup winner
Tanzania Tanzania Simba 2010–11 Tanzanian Premier League runner-up
Zanzibar Zanzibar Jamhuri 2011 Zanzibar Premier League runner-up

Moreover, eight losers from the 2012 CAF Champions League second round entered the play-off round:

Round and draw dates

Schedule of dates for 2012 competition.[5]

Phase Round Draw date First leg Second leg
Qualifying Preliminary round 9 December 2011
(Cairo, Egypt)
17–19 February 2–4 March
First round 23–25 March 6–8 April
Second round
(1st Round of 16)
27–29 April 11–13 May
Play-off round
(2nd Round of 16)
15 May 2012
(Cairo, Egypt)[6]
29 June–1 July 13–15 July
Group stage Matchday 1 3–5 August
Matchday 2 17–19 August
Matchday 3 31 August–2 September
Matchday 4 14–16 September
Matchday 5 5–7 October
Matchday 6 19–21 October
Knock-out stage Semifinals 2–4 November 9–11 November
Final 16–18 November 23–25 November

Qualifying rounds

The fixtures for the preliminary, first and second qualifying rounds were announced on 9 December 2011.[7]

Qualification ties were decided over two legs, with aggregate goals used to determine the winner. If the sides were level on aggregate after the second leg, the away goals rule was applied, and if still level, the tie proceeded directly to a penalty shootout (no extra time was played).[8]

Preliminary round

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Dragons Benin 1–2 Burkina Faso Étoile Filante 1–0 0–2
Nania Ghana w/o1 Guinea FC Séquence
Union Douala Cameroon 1–2 Sierra Leone FC Kallon 1–0 0–2
Black Leopards South Africa 3–1 Zimbabwe Motor Action 1–1 2–0
Red Arrows Zambia 0–1 Swaziland Royal Leopards 0–0 0–1
AS Mangasport Gabon 0–5 Ethiopia Saint George SA 0–1 0–4
Kiyovu Sports Rwanda 2–3 Tanzania Simba 1–1 1–2
Ferroviário de Maputo Mozambique 4–0 Kenya Gor Mahia 3–0 1–0
Séwé Sports Ivory Coast 0–1 Cameroon Unisport Bafang 0–1 0–0
AC Léopards Republic of the Congo 4–2 Central African Republic AS Tempête Mocaf 2–0 2–2
LLB Académic Burundi 5–0 Equatorial Guinea Atlético Semu 3–0 2–0
Renaissance Chad 4–2 Niger Sahel SC 2–0 2–2
ADR Desportivo de Mansabá Guinea-Bissau w/o2 Liberia Invincible Eleven
Gamtel The Gambia 1–1 (4–3 p) Senegal Casa Sport 1–0 0–1
Extension Gunners Botswana 2–3 Madagascar Tana Formation 2–1 0–2
Jamhuri Zanzibar 1–7 Zimbabwe Hwange 0–3 1–4

First round

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Étoile Filante Burkina Faso 2–4 Ivory Coast ASEC Mimosas 2–2 0–2
FC Séquence Guinea 0–5 Morocco CODM Meknès 0–2 0–3
FC Kallon Sierra Leone 0–2 Nigeria Warri Wolves 0–0 0–2
Black Leopards South Africa 6–4 Democratic Republic of the Congo Saint Eloi Lupopo 4–2 2–2
Royal Leopards Swaziland 3–2 Democratic Republic of the Congo US Tshinkunku 1–1 2–1
Saint George SA Ethiopia 1–3 Tunisia Club Africain 1–1 0–2
Simba Tanzania 3–3 (a) Algeria ES Sétif 2–0 1–3
Ferroviário de Maputo Mozambique 0–3 Sudan Al-Ahly Shendi 0–1 0–2
Unisport Bafang Cameroon 1–2 Nigeria Heartland 0–0 1–2
AC Léopards Republic of the Congo 3–2 Tunisia CS Sfaxien 1–2 2–0
LLB Académic Burundi 2–5 Egypt ENPPI 1–1 1–4
Renaissance Chad 4–5 Mali Cercle Olympique de Bamako 3–2 1–3
Invincible Eleven Liberia 1–6 Morocco Wydad Casablanca 0–2 1–4
Gamtel The Gambia 2–3 Mali AS Real Bamako 1–0 1–3
Tana Formation Madagascar 2–2 (5–6 p) Angola Inter Luanda 2–0 0–2
Hwange Zimbabwe 1–1 (a) Sudan Alamal Atbara 1–1 0–0

Second round

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
ASEC Mimosas Ivory Coast 1–1 (a) Morocco CODM Meknès 1–1 0–0
Warri Wolves Nigeria 3–3 (a) South Africa Black Leopards 3–1 0–2
Royal Leopards Swaziland 2–5 Tunisia Club Africain 0–1 2–4
Simba Tanzania 3–3 (8–9 p) Sudan Al-Ahly Shendi 3–0 0–3
Heartland Nigeria 4–4 (a) Republic of the Congo AC Léopards 3–2 1–2
ENPPI Egypt 3–4 Mali Cercle Olympique de Bamako 3–1 0–3
Wydad Casablanca Morocco 3–1 Mali AS Real Bamako 3–0 0–1
Inter Luanda Angola 6–1 Sudan Alamal Atbara 4–1 2–0

Play-off round

In the play-off round, the winners from the second round played against the losers from the 2012 CAF Champions League second round.[8] The winners of the CAF Confederation Cup second round hosted the second leg at home.

The draw for the play-off round and group stage was held on 15 May 2012.[9] For the play-off round draw, two teams were seeded (using their individual 2007–2011 5-Year team Ranking),[10] and for the group stage draw, the winners of the play-off round ties involving them were seeded into Pot 1, and the winners of the remaining ties were seeded into Pot 2. Each group contained one team from Pot 1 and three teams from Pot 2.[11]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Maghreb de Fès Morocco 1–2 Republic of the Congo AC Léopards 1–0 0–2
Al-Hilal Sudan 3–0 Mali Cercle Olympique de Bamako 2–0 1–0
AFAD Djékanou Ivory Coast 0–1 Morocco Wydad Casablanca 0–1 0–0
Al-Merreikh Sudan 3–2 South Africa Black Leopards 3–2 0–0
Djoliba Mali 2–2 (4–3 p) Tunisia Club Africain 2–0 0–2
Dynamos Zimbabwe 0–1 Angola Inter Luanda 0–0 0–1
Stade Malien Mali 4–1 Morocco CODM Meknès 3–0 1–1
Coton Sport Cameroon 1–2 Sudan Al-Ahly Shendi 1–0 0–2

Group stage

The matchdays were 3–5 August, 17–19 August, 31 August–2 September, 14–16 September, 5–7 October, and 19–21 October.[12]

Key to colours in group tables
Group winners and runners-up advance to the Semifinals

Group A

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Sudan Al-Merreikh 642083+514
Sudan Al-Hilal 6321116+511
Angola Inter Luanda 61233745
Sudan Al-Ahly Shendi 61053963
Al-Ahly Shendi 1–2 0–1 1–2
Al-Hilal 2–0 1–1 3–0
Al-Merreikh 2–0 3–2 1–0
Inter Luanda 0–1 1–1 0–0

Group B

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Mali Djoliba 641197+213
Republic of the Congo AC Léopards 623186+29
Morocco Wydad Casablanca 6132101006
Mali Stade Malien 603361043
AC Léopards 3–0 1–0 1–1
Djoliba 1–1 2–1 2–1
Stade Malien 1–1 0–2 3–3
Wydad Casablanca 3–1 1–2 1–1

Knock-out stage


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
AC Léopards Republic of the Congo 2–1 Sudan Al-Merreikh 2–1 0–0
Al-Hilal Sudan 2–2 (6–7 p) Mali Djoliba 2–0 0–2


Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Djoliba Mali 3–4 Republic of the Congo AC Léopards 2–2 1–2

Top scorers

Rank Player Club Goals
1 Republic of the Congo Rudy Guélord Bhebey Ndey Republic of the Congo AC Léopards 5
Mali Ismaïla Diarra Mali Cercle Olympique de Bamako 5
Zimbabwe Edward Sadomba Sudan Al-Hilal 5
4 Angola Moco Angola Inter Luanda 4
Burundi Abdul Razak Fiston Burundi LLB Académic 4
Ethiopia Adane Girma Ethiopia Saint George SA 4
Mali Alou Bagayoko Mali Djoliba 4
Sudan Mudather El Tahir Sudan Al-Hilal 4
Sudan Ahmed El-Basha Sudan Al-Merreikh 4
Chad Ezechiel Ndouassel Tunisia Club Africain 4

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