Meilgaard Castle

Meilgaard Castle

Meilgaard Castle (Danish: Meilgaard Slot, Meilgård) is situated between Fjellerup Strand and Bønnerup Strand, in Djursland, Denmark. The estate known as Medelgård was first mentioned in 1345.[1]

Castle and estate

The current castle dates from 1573; it was extended in 1873 and again in 1888-1891. Part of it has been converted to five private apartments.[2] A farm building is being used as a restaurant.[1]

The castle is owned by the Iuel family; Kammerherre Michael F. Iuel and his wife Her Highness Désirée, born princess of Schaumburg-Lippe.[3] The family moved back into the castle in the autumn of 2006 after its restoration following a devastating fire on 26 February 2003, which burnt through most of the roof and attic.

The estate is of 2.070 hectares, of which 543 are farmed and 1.220 are forested.[3]


The coastal forest of Nederskov just north of the castle, is home to the worlds first scientifically excavated kitchen midden. The term "kitchen midden" was actually termed from the Danish word køkkenmødding used to describe this place. In 1848 the National Museum of Denmark organized an archaeological excavation of the Meilgaard midden in the forest here. The scientists concluded that the oyster shells was not ordinary natural deposits, but leftovers and waste from the meals of a Stone Age settlement. Since then, kitchen middens has been recognized as important archaeological sites.[4]


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