Secretary of State of California

Secretary of State of California

Alex Padilla

since January 5, 2015
Style The Honorable
Term length Four years, two term limit
Inaugural holder William Van Voorhies
Formation California Constitution
Salary $130,490
Website California Secretary of State
Secretary of State's offices

The Secretary of State of California is the chief elections officer of that U.S. state. The Secretary of State is also responsible for the California State Archives, as well as chartering corporations. The Secretary of State is elected to four year terms, concurrent with the other constitutional officers of California, and is restricted by term limits to only two terms. The current Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, took office on January 5, 2015.

The Secretary of State's responsibilities include: serving as the state's Chief Elections Officer, implementing electronic filing and Internet disclosure of campaign and lobbyist financial information, maintaining business filings, commissioning notaries, operating the Safe at Home confidential address program, maintaining the Domestic Partners and Advance Health Care Directive Registries, safeguarding the California State Archives, and serving as a trustee of the California Museum.

Filing with The Secretary of State of California

The largest portion of the Secretary of State's office, the Business Programs Division, handles corporate filings required for operating business within the state. The Business Entities Section for the California Secretary of State processes, files and maintains records related to corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and other business entities conducting or planning to conduct business in California.

Persons & entities file with the Secretary of State of California for the following reasons: incorporation in the State of California, out-of-state corporation standing, filing to operate as a foreign entity in California, statements of information, corporate status reports, document requests, notary & apostiles.

Secretary of State of California Office Holders

# Name Term of office Party
1 William Van Voorhies 1849–1853 Democratic
2 James W. Denver 1853–1855 Democratic
3 Charles H. Hempstead 1855–1856 Democratic
4 David F. Douglass 1856–1858 American
5 Ferris Foreman 1858–1860 Democratic
6 Johnson Price 1860–1862 Democratic
7 William H. Weeks 1862–1863 Republican
8 A. A. H. Tuttle 1863 Republican
9 Benjamin B. Redding 1863–1867 Unionist Republican
10 Henry L. Nichols 1867–1871 Democratic
11 Drury Melone 1871–1875 Republican
12 Thomas Beck 1875–1880 Democratic
13 Daniel M. Burns 1880–1883 Republican
14 Thomas Larkin Thompson 1883–1887 Democratic
15 William C. Hendricks 1887–1891 Democratic
16 Edwin G. Waite 1891–1894 Republican
17 Albert Hart 1894–1895 Republican
18 Lewis H. Brown 1895–1899 Republican
19 Charles F. Curry 1899–1911 Republican
20 Frank C. Jordan 1911–1940 Republican
21 Paul Peek 1940–1943 Democratic
22 Frank M. Jordan 1943–1970 Republican
Acting H. P. Sullivan 1970–1971 Republican
23 Jerry Brown 1971–1975 Democratic
24 March Fong Eu 1975–1994 Democratic
Acting Tony Miller (acting) 1994–1995 Democratic
25 Bill Jones 1995–2003 Republican
26 Kevin Shelley 2003–2005 Democratic
Acting Cathy Mitchell 2005 Democratic
27 Bruce McPherson 2005–2007 Republican
28 Debra Bowen 2007–2015 Democratic
29 Alex Padilla 2015–present Democratic

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