Secretary of State of Maryland

The Secretary of State of Maryland is charged with the administrative and record-keeping functions of the State Government of the U.S. state of Maryland. The Secretary of State also holds custody of the Seal of Maryland. Unlike in many states, the Secretary of State is not an elective office, but is appointed by the Governor.

List of Secretaries of State

Name Term Image
John Charles Groome 1838
John H. Culbreth 1838
Joseph Hopper Nicholson II 1838–1839
Cornelius McLean 1839–1840
James Murray 1840–1841
Thomas Wright, III 1841–1842
Henry Hobbs 1842
John Carroll LeGrand 1842–1844
John N. Watkins 1844
John N. Watkins 1844–1845
William T. Wootton 1845–1848
Richard C. Hollyday 1848–1849
John N. Watkins 1849–1851
Thomas H. O'Neal 1851–1853
John Randolph Quinn 1853–1854
Nathaniel Cox 1854–1857
Jonathan Pinkney 1857–1858
James R. Partridge 1858–1861
Grayson Eichelberger 1861
Thomas J. Wilson 1861–1862
William B. Hill 1862–1866
John M. Carter 1866–1869
Richard C. Hollyday 1869–1872
John Thomson Mason, Jr. 1872–1873
Richard C. Hollyday 1873–1880
James T. Briscoe 1880–1884
Richard C. Hollyday 1884
George B. Milligan 1884–1886
Edward W. LeCompte 1886–1893
William T. Brantly 1893–1894
Edwin Gott 1894–1896
Richard Dallam 1896–1899
George E. Loweree 1899–1900
Wilfred Bateman 1900–1904
Oswald Tilghman 1904–1908
N. Winslow Williams 1908–1912
Robert P. Graham 1912–1916
Thomas W. Simmons 1916–1919
George L. P. Radcliffe 1919–1920
Philip B. Perlman 1920–1923
E. Brooke Lee 1923–1925
David C. Winebrenner III 1925–1935
Thomas L. Dawson 1935–1936
E. Ray Jones 1936–1939
John B. Gontrum 1939
Francis Petrott 1939–1941
Miles T. Tull 1941
Thomas Elmo Jones 1941–1946
William J. McWilliams 1946
Edward G. Chaney 1946–1947
John B. Funk 1947
Bertram Lee Boone II 1947–1949
Vivian V. Simpson 1949–1951
John R. Reeves 1951–1955
Blanchard Randall 1955–1957
Claude B. Hellmann 1957–1959
Thomas B. Finan 1959–1961
Lloyd Lewis Simpkins 1961–1967
C. Stanley Blair 1967–1969
Blair Lee III 1969–1971
Fred L. Wineland 1971–1982
Patricia G. Holtz 1982–1983
Lorraine M. Sheehan 1983–1987
Winfield M. Kelly, Jr. 1987–1993
Tyras S. Athey 1993–1995
John T. Willis 1995–2003
R. Karl Aumann 2003–2005
Mary D. Kane 2005–2007
Dennis C. Schnepfe 2007–2008
John P. McDonough 2008–2015
John C. Wobensmith 2015–Present


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