Secretary of State of Rhode Island

The Secretary of State of Rhode Island is an elected office in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. As of 2015, the current Secretary of State is Nellie Gorbea.

The Rhode Island Department of State or is composed of five separate divisions:

Secretaries of state

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List of officeholders[2]
Name Tenure Party
Samuel Eddy 1798–1819 Republican
Henry Bowen 1843–1849
Christopher E. Robbins 1849–1851
Asa Potter 1851–1854
William R. Watson 1844–1855
John Russell Bartlett 1855–1872
Joshua M. Addeman 1872–1887
Edwin D. McGuiness 1887–1888
Samuel H. Cross 1888–1890
Edwin D. McGuiness 1890–1891
George H. Utter 1891–1894 Republican
Charles P. Bennett 1894–1909 Republican
J. Fred Parker 1909–1924 Republican
Ernest L. Sprague 1924–1933 Republican
Louis W. Cappelli 1933–1939 Democratic
J. Hector Paquin 1939–1941 Republican
Armand H. Cote 1941–1957 Democratic
John A. Notte, Jr. 1957–1959 Democratic
August P. LaFrance 1959–1973 Democratic
Robert F. Burns 1973–1983 Democratic
Susan Farmer 1983–1987 Republican
Kathleen S. Connell 1987–1993 Democratic
Barbara Leonard 1993–1995 Republican
James Langevin 1995–2001 Democratic
Edward S. Inman 2001–2003 Democratic
Matthew A. Brown 2003–2007 Democratic
A. Ralph Mollis 2007–2015 Democratic
Nellie Gorbea 2015–present Democratic

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