William V. Marquis

William V. Marquis

William V. Marquis

William V. Marquis
Born May 1, 1828 (1828-05)
Mt. Vernon, Ohio United States
Died December 17, 1899 (1899-12-18) (aged 71)
Occupation American politician

William Vance Marquis (May 1, 1828 – December 17, 1899)[1] was an American politician who served as the 22nd Lieutenant Governor of Ohio from 1890 to 1892 under Governor James E. Campbell.[2]


Marquis was born at Mt. Vernon, Ohio May 1, 1828.[3] He was moved to Bellefontaine, Ohio at age five. He was in merchandising.[4] He worked at his father's store until it closed in 1848.[3] On November 12, 1860, Marquis was married to Annie M. Sterritt, of Logan County, Ohio,


He was named postmaster of Bellefontaine in 1853 by President Pierce, serving until 1861.[3] 1862–1870 he was in partnership as a hardware merchant, and continued alone after that. Along with William Lawrence, he organized the Bellefontaine National Bank in 1871.[3] Marquis was a delegate to the 1876 Democratic National Convention, (St. Louis).[3] He was nominated in 1878 for the 4th Congressional District, but lost to J. Warren Keifer.[5] In the 1889 election for Lieutenant Governor, Republican Elbert L. Lampson defeated Democrat Marquis by a margin of 375,090 to 375, 068.[6] Lampson was unseated after serving eighteen days, when the Democratic Ohio State Senate seated Marquis in his place.[7]


His wife, Annie, died in August 1868.[3]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Elbert L. Lampson
Lieutenant Governor of Ohio
Succeeded by
Andrew L. Harris
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