Wudinna District Council

Wudinna District Council
South Australia

Location of the Wudinna District Council
(formerly Le Hunte)
Population 1,282 (2015 est)[1]
 • Density 0.23768/km2 (0.61559/sq mi)
Established 1925
Area 5,393.8 km2 (2,082.6 sq mi)
Mayor Eleanor Scholz [2]
Council seat Wudinna
Region Eyre and Western[3]
State electorate(s) Flinders
Federal Division(s) Grey
Website Wudinna District Council
LGAs around Wudinna District Council:
Outback Communities Authority
District Council of Streaky Bay Wudinna District Council District Council of Kimba
District Council of Elliston District Council of Cleve

Wudinna District Council is located in central Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.

It was established on 28 May 1925 as the District Council of Minnipa. It was renamed the District Council of Le Hunte in 1932, after Sir George Ruthven Le Hunte, who as Governor of South Australia had proclaimed the local County of Le Hunte in 1908. It was again renamed on 24 April 2008 as Wudinna District Council.[4][5][6]

The district's service centre is Wudinna, located on the Eyre Highway 580 km west of Adelaide. The districts economy is largely driven by agriculture, mainly cereal crops, with beef and sheep commonly farmed as well.


The district encompasses a number of towns and localities, including Cocata, Koongawa, Kyancutta, Minnipa, Pygery, Warramboo, Wudinna and Yaninee, Karcultaby, Mount Damper and Pinkawillinie.[7] The former locality of Paney, which was a small portion of the present bounded locality of Gawler Ranges, is also in Wudinna council area. Paney was merged into the Gawler Ranges locality when the latter's boundaries were formalised in April 2013.[8][9]


The area has a number of sporting facilities with football, cricket, tennis and bowls all popular pastimes. Swimming pools are also located at Wudinna and Minnipa. The district also has a number of schools and a hospital.

Elected Members

Unsubdivided [2]   Richard DuBois
  Tony Griffin
  Newton (Ned) Luscombe Deputy Mayor
  Jill Rushmer
  Eleanor Scholz Mayor
  Naomi Scholz
  Craig Walladge

Mayors and chairmen of the District Council of Le Hunte/Wudinna


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