Claris Emailer

Claris Emailer

Emailer screenshot showing mail browser window with folder list and message list pane.
Also toolbar and connection status windows
Developer(s) Apple Computer
Stable release
2.0v3 / January 22, 1998
Operating system classic Mac OS
Type E-mail client
License Freeware, Proprietary
Website Fog City Software Original developer

Claris Emailer (often stylized as Claris Em@iler) was a popular e-mail client for the classic Mac OS created by Fog City Software. It was bought and marketed by the Apple Inc. spin-off Claris. In addition to internet email, it supported sending and receiving email to online services such as AOL, Applelink, Compuserve. It was the only third-party e-mail client licensed to directly access AOL e-mail. Additionally, it was one of the first commercial applications to support the Internet Config preferences management system.[1]

It had advanced e-mailing features for its time, such as automatic e-mail address completion, an intuitive address book, support for multiple signatures, and a scriptable interface. Many AppleScripts have been written that enhance Emailer and are available online. It was released both in a full and a lite version, and the latter was included for free in Mac OS 8.

It remained a Mac-only software title until it was eventually killed by Apple in the late 90s. The last version, 2.0v3, was released in 1998, and the software title is no longer supported by Apple. Emailer continues to work in the Classic Environment running under Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger. To date an Emailer-Talk mailing list is still active offering advice to keep the software functioning.



Due to changes in ISP methods of authentication, three patched versions have been issued by members of the Emailer-Talk mailing list as follows:

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