Denshin 8 go

Denshin 8 go
Original author(s) Ishioka Takamitsu
Developer(s) Den8club authorities
Stable release
V32.1.6.1 / June 21, 2007 (2007-06-21) (JST)
Preview release
V32.1.6.0 081 / June 1, 2007 (2007-06-01) (JST)
Operating system Windows
Type e-mail
Licence freeware

Denshin 8 go (Japanese: 電信八号, pronounced [denɕĩ hatɕiŋoː]) is an e-mail client used on the Microsoft Windows. Its fully quarified name is インターネットメーラー電信八号 (an the Internet Mailer named Telecommunicator Number Eight). It is also called Den8 (電八, IPA: [dempatɕi̥]) for short. Denshin 8 go was developed by Ishioka Takamitsu in 1995 (prior to Windows 95).

Denshin 8 go supports the POP3 and SMTP protocols.

Some helper applications of Denshin 8 go support the IMAP protocol.


weak points


The change of the share in Japan (See ja)

4.9 % - 1998/3/27-4/5 - the estimate users: ca 0.51 million (the Internet users in Japan at the end of 1997: 11.55 million)
1.75% - 2003/6/3-6/8 - the estimate users: ca 0.98 million (the Internet users in Japan(PC) at the end of 2002: 57.22 million, the same 2003: 61.64 million)
1.4 % - 2005/3/19-25 - the estimate users: ca 0.86 million (the Internet users in Japan(PC) at the end of 2004: 64.16 million)
(The share of Windows is taken into consideration.)
(considered to be Beginner's ML basis)
1.5 % - 1997/2/8 -announcement day-
the reporter's comment: "Just as I guess, it is a bit difficult for beginners, isn't it?" (やはり初心者には取っつきにくいか?)
(considered to be ML about Windows NT basis)
4.79% - 1997/3/19-1998/3/18
1.53% - 1998/8/25 -announcement day- (5 months)

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