Crime in Denmark

Crime in Denmark is combated by the Danish Police and other agencies.

By type


In 2012, Denmark had a murder rate of 0.8 per 100,000 population.[1] There were a total of 47 murders in Denmark in 2012.[1]


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According to the Corruption Perceptions Index 2012 from Transparency International,[2] Denmark together with Finland and New Zealand, are the World's most transparent countries. Transparency International's Global Corruption Barometer 2013 shows that the public does not consider corruption a major problem in Danish society, and bribes paid to access public benefits and services are virtually non-existent.[3]

Organised crime

The criminal biker gangs Bandidos, Satudarah MC, Gremium MC and Hells Angels are present in Denmark.[4]

By location

Glostrup, a blue-collar suburb in Copenhagen ranked as the most violent place in Denmark in 2009.[5] The place with the fewest instances of reported violence was Christiansø, a tiny island north east of Bornholm.[5]


Crime statistics for Copenhagen in 2011 revealed a 26 percent drop in arrests for violent threats and attacks and a 22 percent drop in drug-related arrests since 2009.[6] Crime statistics revealed a 24 percent rise in reported break-ins and home robberies in the city since 2009.[6]

Resumption of border checks

In May 2011, Denmark temporarily resumed checks along its borders with Germany and Sweden, previously open under the EU's Schengen zone agreement.[7][8] The Danish government says the resumption of border checks is needed to help prevent cross-border crime, illegal immigration and drug trafficking.[7][8]

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