Faroese alcohol referendum, 1907

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A four-part referendum on alcohol was held in the Faroe Islands on 6 November 1907. Voters were asked whether they approved of the trading and serving of beer, wine and spirits. All four proposals were rejected by voters. Following the referendum, prohibition was introduced in 1908 on all beverages with an alcohol content above 2%. An attempt in 1973 to overturn this ban was rejected in another referendum, but it was eventually lifted in 1992.


In 1907 the Løgting voted to hold a consultative referendum on banning alcohol. All men and women over the age of 25 were entitled to vote, the first time women had been able to do so.[1]


Question For Against Total Registered
Votes % Votes %
Trading in spirits1303.623,45896.383,5887,374
Serving of spirits1042.933,44397.073,547
Trading in beer and wine1083.043,44796.963,555
Serving of beer and wine1103.113,43196.893,541
Source: Direct Democracy


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